Hey there! Seeing that you’ve landed on my about page, I’m sure (or hoping) you’d like to know a tidbit about me, so here we go:

American raised (Los Angeles), I moved to Europe on my own when I was 17. After living in Paris, France for a year, I wandered over to Munich, Germany in 2015 to start college. While Munich has safe to say stolen my heart, I’m curious to see what the rest of Europe (and world for that matter, when the money is there) has to offer. I’m hopping around one bit at a time, while simultaneously holding down a job in an entertainment agency and trying to get my bachelors degree done in an acceptable amount of time.

I started ExploresMore in 2014 as an outlet for my photography. Little did I know, my blog would end up attracting quite a few visitors during my year abroad in France! Today I am proud to say that this little space in the internet has become a thriving community of you guys, who never fail to read my posts on travel, cooking, and trying to figure it out while being so far away from home.

I’m glad you’re here!

For any questions you might have, I’ve compiled a list of “FAQs” below. Can’t find the answer you are looking for? Shoot me an email: exploresmore@gmail.com

How old are you?

I’m 20-years-old.

How many languages do you speak?

2.5! I’m fluent in English and German and picked up quite a bit of French when I did a gap year in Paris.

Which countries have you lived in?

I was born and raised in the USA (Los Angeles). After my high school graduation in 2014 I moved to Paris, France to take a gap year working as an Au Pair. In autumn 2015 I moved to Munich, Germany to start my Bachelor Degree. I am still here and am currently in my second year of Uni.

What do you study?

I study English and Communication Sciences.

We are interested in collaborating together. How can we reach out?

First of all, thank you! Feel free to send me an email at exploresmore@gmail.com with any business proposals. If I truly love what your business has to offer, of course I’ll consider sharing it with my followers.

Are you currently placing advertisements on ExploresMore?

At the time I am not placing advertisements on ExploresMore.

Is ExploresMore accepting guest posts at this time?

No we are not.


  • Stephanie Smolders

    Just so you know. The link in this article to Bloglovin’ isn’t working.. Love!

    • Ahh thanks Stephanie! I really appreciate the heads up 😀

  • I love your blog Julia! I’m a young fashion blogger, so your blog is so inspiring to me <3




    • Julia

      Your blog is absolutely divine girl! Stunning photography :) Have given you a follow and can’t wait to see future posts!