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Art Culture In Barcelona

I loved writing an art culture post for my visit to Amsterdam, so I thought I’d do the same for you all today about Barcelona. I was pleasantly surprised by the rich art culture in Barcelona. Street are bright with various paint colors, beautiful statues fill open squares, and music is almost always fills the air. Not to be missed when you visit Barcelona, so click through to read my full guide!

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Rue de Levis – Paris Guide #1

Today I am so thrilled to share with you all my first official Paris Guide. These have been a full year in the making, and only now do I feel satisfied with the amount of research I have amassed. These guides show you my final city picks, and only include the places and things I truly love. This first one lies close to my heart because it’s about a special street in my very own little Parisian neighborhood, the 17th arrondissement. I’ve gotten to know Rue de Levis incredibly well this past half year, and, ask anyone, am constantly gushing about my love of this street (seriously, I can’t even be modest when it comes down to Levis). Today I’ll be telling you what makes this street so special, and what you cannot miss while spending an afternoon exploring it.

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My Guide To Becoming An Au Pair Part 2

Today I am excited to bring to you the second part of my guide to becoming an Au Pair (find part I here). While last time I covered topics such as finding the right family and taking care of legalities before your arrival, today I wanted to discuss things such as preparing your arrival and answer questions readers left me last time in the comments. Enjoy this post, and I hope you find it as helpful as many of you did the last one!

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What To Have With You While Sightseeing

What to have in my purse while sightseeing is a lesson I only learned after the several trips I took this year. After moving to Paris, I got myself a city appropriate handbag (one were everything could fit in for a day of walking). While exploring Amsterdam, I discovered that some things simply could not be left behind at the hostel. And it was during my trip to Barcelona that I learned how little fun a heavy handbag is, especially in 35 degree heat. So, I hope today that you can learn from this post, and save yourself the mistakes that I made. :) Enjoy!

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10 Tips For Visiting Barcelona

While planning my trip and during my recent first visit to Barcelona, I picked up a few tips and tricks that I both used during this holiday, and will be employing the next time I visit. While I loved almost every moment of my stay during this vibrant and lively city, I do wish I had known some of these things going in, and am glad that I learned the others. And so to make things easier for you when you visit this bustling Spanish city, I thought I’d share 10 of lessons these here today. Hope you find these tips for visiting Barcelona helpful!

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The Best Souvenirs To Bring Back From Paris

I like to think that I’m good at giving gifts. I’m especially good at coming home with a trunk full of goodies, and I like to buy myself little things that will always remind me of this magical year. That being said, I thought it might be helpful if I put together a little guide of exactly what the best souvenirs to bring back from Paris are (so leave space in your suitcase by following these rules), whether for yourself (treat yo-self) or others. I see these items as truly Parisian, with helpful tips from yours truly thrown in along the way. Enjoy!

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