Dear Santa


Dear Santa Claus and Company,

Since last year, I have moved away from home, and transitioned into the “I am in denial about the amount of money I have and can spend” phase. Life here in Paris is wonderful, but unfortunately, also very expensive. I mean, 5 Euros for dry shampoo! 10 Euros for stockings! Things add up quickly, and I find myself quite broke. That is why I am hoping you can help me out this Christmas. At the top of my list is of course cold hard cash. Not very romantic I know, but a girl needs what she needs! I hope to travel a lot in the upcoming year, and also dream of finally upgrading my lens. Next on the list is a Kindle. The bookworm in me is still going strong, but sadly buying paperback in Paris is both very expensive, and impractical (seeing that I at some point will have to move all of my books to a new living location). However though, I do have a few books on my wish list, books that I think I will enjoy most in person. They include the My Little Paris Guidebook, filled with adorable things to do in this wonderful city. I have also been eyeing How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are  for months, a hilarious book filled with very accurate insights into how this species of French people truly are. Lastly, I would love to get my hands on my first Taschen book, called 36 Hours In Europe, a book giving ideas for weekend getaways across Europe. These are all books I desperately want, but feel like I have simply not been able to justify for myself with my very limited funds. I would also love a new planner, and have fallen in love with this one from A Beautiful Mess, in the color Golden.

Following, another thing which I personally believe I really need is a new Tweezerman tweezer, seeing I lost mine in some apartment in the city. I would also really appreciate a Sephora gift card; my makeup is running low, and I would love to receive some relief for a shopping trip that I know will be very hard on my budget.

Since I am also experiencing my first real winter (it is so damn cold), I think that a new comfy pair of PJs are a must. Or, my first onesie!! You can never go wrong with one from Victoria’s Secret, personally I love this one, this one, and this one. Also this and this onesie from Target!! J’adore :)

And I have to say that about sums it up! Santa, I’m a very easy girl to please Christmas present wise. I also love warm socks and yummy smelling candles :D

Sincerely yours,

P.S. Give my best to Rudolph!

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Moments & A Little Catchup


So, it has been quite a while, and for those of you who really do read my blog out there, I apologize. A lot of stuff has happened in the past two weeks; I have had both personal things go on, but have also just been so busy living and exploring. You see, I had come to the point where this blog had started to seem like more of a curse than a blessing. I started feeling like I was doing things for the blog, rather than using the blog to document and share my experiences with you all. Posting began feeling like a chore; I put pressure on myself to get out three posts a week, whether I had much to say or not. I’d check my stats daily, and not understand why some posts I cared so deeply about got no views, while “fluff” was getting all the clicks. And then after a very drama filled weekend a few weeks ago, I decided that it was time to step back, and focus on rewriting my real, offline life. And since making that decision, I have started to feel better about so many things, and am ready to come back now. However, this is a new start for ExploresMore. This blog will become something from me to you, nothing more, nothing less. That means that posting might not be as precisely regular, but whenever I do share something, it will be something I’m really passionate about, or really excited to show you. I want to stop focusing on page views, and more about creating an online space I’m truly proud of. I hope that this makes sense to you all. And one more thing: thank you so much to those who do read, and take the time to post real, meaningful comments. You mean the world to me! And that being said, here are some photos to show you what I did in my time away. Enjoy, and stay tuned for new things soon. xo Julia


Galerie de Paléontologie


Hello my readers! Today’s post is a real quick one, I just wanted to show you this incredible museum find in Paris: Galerie de paléontologie et d’anatomie comparée. I paid a visit to it after class earlier this week (after some yummy sweet tea at the Mosque across the street), and it really is a sight to see. This museum is all about animal skeletons, ranging from modern day ones (a whale) to ones that go a little further back (dinosaurs!). While not for the light of heart, this one hour trip (housed in the middle of the stunning Jardin des Plantes) was quite a spectacular experience. The up-keeping is impeccable, and the building floods with light. Click through to see some more photos, and I really do hope you pay a visit if you ever find yourself in Paris! And P.S.: EU citizens under 26 get in for free. Score!


My Amsterdam Itinerary


And here we are at last: the Amsterdam photos are beginning to flood in! Today I wanted to share my 5-day itinerary with you guys. For me it was the perfect length stay; we still saw everything on our lists and more, but also had some downtime to just explore the city, have a picnic, or do some shopping. Like I have already mentioned, I fell head-over-heels in love with this city. The people are friendly, the atmosphere is buzzing with life, and there’s beauty absolutely everywhere. Definitely a must on everybody’s travel bucket lists. I hope that you guys enjoy reading reading how I filled my 5-days, and that you can hopefully use it as a guideline should you ever find yourself in the city of canals. And lots of magnificent photos ahead! Enjoy my Amsterdam itinerary :)



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{Cozy evenings at a friend’s apartment}

I want to start taking each Sunday night to appreciate and reflect on moments from the week before. These are small experiences that might not be completely “blog worthy”, but still contributed to making the past week the lovely experience it was. These posts will consist of simple iPhone snapshots, and pictures that you can find on my Instagram. Looking back now, I realize that there is so much I didn’t photograph. Isn’t it incredible how much can happen in a week? Feeling so thankful tonight.


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