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Remembering The Past In Berlin

At dinner with a friend a few nights ago, the subject of the Holocaust came up in our conversation. She (my friend) had spent the summer in London, and had been planning to visit Berlin until one of her friends flat out refused. His whole entire family had been killed by the Nazis and Germany was not a place he wanted to be. He had a hostile image of the country, after what had happened to his ancestors and the unbearable suffering that the Jewish citizens had to endure during the Holocaust. This story is not only completely understandable, but also common. Today I want to explore how you can visit the past in Berlin, from the dark Nazi period to the suffering that followed long afterwards throughout the Cold War. Seeing traces of the past in Berlin is so important I think, even though most of the information can be quite difficult to process and understand at times. 

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10 To-Dos Before Moving Abroad

Today is the day, I’m moving to Germany to begin college (hello from the United Lounge)! While I’m excited, I’ve also been quite busy these past few days. There’s a lot to get done before going somewhere far away (especially if your respite there doesn’t have an end date), and I’ve been scrambling to make sure everything is in place. Today I present to you a list of things that I, and I believe you too (if you are moving abroad) should keep in mind and take care of, no matter how small some of them are.

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What’s Next?

As some of you might be aware, I recently finished off my Au Pair year in Paris, and have since returned home for the summer to Los Angeles. To be honest I came home this summer not knowing where I was going to end up come fall, but now the decision has been made.

Andddd, I’m moving to Munich in exactly 11 days!! This girl is finally going to Uni to be an English Literature major. I have loved Germany my entire life, and am so happy that I will have a chance to live there for at least the next few years.

There are still a lot of preparations to be made. For one, I still don’t have an apartment come October, and I’m still waiting to hear back about my minor. But the mental packing list has started, and I can’t wait to dive head first not only into a new city, but also into my continuing life in Europe as a student.

And my dear readers: anybody from Munich? I have never been and would love to hear your tips about the city. Always feel free to leave comments in German, I understand them like I do English :)

Here’s to life changes and all that’s to come. I can’t wait.



Best Cafes In Paris (Paris Guide #2)

Sitting in a Parisian Cafe is truly a magical experience. Book in hand, you read a few pages while occasionally glancing up to watch the people go by. Your drink of choice, whether a café creme or a vin blanc sits on the round bistro table in front of you. You take an occasional sip, no rush in the world or pressure to move from your seat. In the summer you grab a seat on the terrace, letting the sun warm your face. In the winter, you cozy up in an inside corner. In a Parisian cafe you’ll see every type of person: the girl sitting on her own, two mothers talking away, or a couple holding hands, barely saying a word but taking it all in together.

Yes, the Parisian cafe is truly a wonderful place, and today I am happy to follow up on my first Paris guide by sharing with you all the absolute best cafes in Paris to experience what I described above.

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My Paris Apartment

I’m quite a nosy person. I’ll flip through somebody’s books, pick up their picture frames, and love peeking into their closets (and let’s be real, fridges as well). For this reason, I always love seeing where the bloggers I “know” through the internet live in reality. Does the traveler have a home filled with souvenirs? Or is it surprisingly sparse? Does the writer of a bright and colorful blog have decor to match their online space? Or do they prefer minimalism in their everyday reality?

I know for me, my home (or room) has always been a very personal space. I decorate, display, and am proud of my belongings and space. Despite loving traveling (and collecting special items while away), I greatly enjoy being at home as well. That being said, enjoy the photos of my Parisian apartment, along with explanations of how I use my travels to decorate my home.

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Best Brunch Spots In The Valley

Let the Los Angeles posts begin! Today I am writing about an often overlooked side of LA: The San Fernando Valley, or as locals call it, the Valley. While lacking the ocean breeze of the westside, it’s home to some of the best food I have ever eaten. So today I wanted to tell you guys about my favorite places to brunch under the Valley’s blue skies. When you arrive expect a wait, but trust me, the brunch will not disappoint.

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