Free People Zip to My Lou Swing Coat


Another Christmas has long come and gone, and I am so happy that I got the chance to spend it in Los Angeles with my family. I was home for 13 days, and can say that I made each and every moment count. But more about that coming later! I just wanted to share a new favorite clothing article with you all, and that is the above pictured Free People Zip to My Lou Swing Coat. I picked up this originally $300 piece up for a mere $75 (thank the lord for additional 25% off of sale). So if you love it go go go and check it out on the website for yourself. I can’t get enough of it, and can’t wait to get full use out of it in freezing Paris. These photos were shot in Santa Monica, where my family and I spent the day brunching (Milo & Olive), exploring, shopping, and taking lots and lots of pictures. More to come in an LA photo diary, hope you enjoy these for now!


Let’s Get Healthy!


Every since I stopped both my gluten-free eating and 12+ weekly hours of intensive swimming workouts within a 2 week span last June, I’ve been having some major problems with my eating and exercise habits. You see, I’ve never been an extremely “clean” eater or anything like that; I enjoy ice cream and (gluten free) pizza as much as any other person. However, it was a lifestyle I could keep up burning through 2,000+ calories in an average workout. That, and being gluten free automatically cut down on my calorie intake, because suddenly I had an “excuse”, and “good reason” to refuse the birthday cake at 2AM. But, this lifestyle, the one I had become used to, was one I could not keep up once I stopped working out completely. I could eat whatever, whenever, and it would not effect or harm me. Sadly, this is a habit that my body still doesn’t want to break, over half a year later. This has resulted in weight gain, anxiety (which leads to more stress eating), bad skin, and extreme insecurity. I used to have a body I love, and now it’s gone. But after yet another late night binge tonight, I have come to the conclusion that things really do need to change. I cannot keep on eating, even after my stomach has began to hurt. I cannot obsess constantly about food, depriving myself all day and then gorging at night. I want to work out again, get a level of fitness back, have energy when I wake up in the morning. And this is by no means only to lose weight; I just want to feel good about myself again, to not always be bloated and sluggish, and wondering what everybody else is thinking. So with this slightly personal inner battle finally having been shared, I want to put forth a plan for a better, more healthy me! Click to read more.


Pretty Little Things


Happy Friday all! Here are my loves of the week, some pretty little things that made work and a cold a little easier. Wishing you a wonderful start to your weekend!

  1. Anastasia Brow Wiz in Taupe
  2. MAC Lipstick in Craving
  3. Forever 21 Bonjour Case
  4. Amazon Kindle
  5. Essie Mademoiselle Nail Polish
  6. Bath & Bodyworks Iced Gingerbread Hand Sanitizer
  7. Heiße Liebe Tee (Raspberry and Vanilla Tea)
  8. “Anything is Possible” HEMA Notebook


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Believe it or not, some of the best things in Paris do come free, and Le Jardin des Tuileries is one of them. Found right next to the Louvre, this beautiful spot of nature in central Paris has been one of my favorite hangouts since I arrived nearly 5 (5!!) months ago. So, when the sun finally came out to play after a two week hiatus this past Saturday, there was no other place I wanted to be to enjoy it. My recommendation for your future visit is grab a picnic (can always recommend the standard baguette and a sweet treat from the nearby Laduree, but my food of choice this past weekend was Dutch junk food from superstore HEMA), take a seat by one of the many little ponds, and watch the children play with their little boats on the water. Soak up the atmosphere of the place; couples are enjoying lying together in the chairs, friends laughing and catching up, and the huge ferris wheel at Place de la Concorde spinning lazily in the distance. Don’t let the warm rays of sunshine in the photos fool you though! At this time of year it’s absolutely freezing, so bring a warm coat. But this garden is definitely a place to be when there are no leaves on the trees. You are guaranteed a seat to watch the people go by, and can glimpse the hidden Merry-Go-Rounds through the naked trees. C’est parfait! Click through for more photos.


Art Culture In Amsterdam


Let me begin by saying that Amsterdam is every art lovers dream. This culture-rich city is filled with countless small galleries, is home to several of the world’s greatest museums and masterpieces, and also has an extremely widespread street art scene. Are you art lovers drooling yet? Today I am very excited to share my guide to Amsterdam’s art culture scene with you. Click through to read more, and I hope you find it helpful!


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