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Today I’m 20

I honestly don’t even know how to begin this post. Well, today I’m 20 you guys! Literally the end of a decade, I can’t believe it. So much has changed in the past year alone, let alone the last 10. Remember this post from two years ago? I feel like the Julia writing in back then was so young, yet I can still relate to her in every way.

Since then, I’ve grown up even more. Here I am, two apartments and two cities later, and still loving every minute. Year 19 was the year I moved to Munich, started college, finished my first year of college, and met some of my closest friends. It has also been the year that I truly began to value the people that have always been along for the journey, from childhood friends and high school friends to those wonderful people I met in Paris last year (some of which are here celebrating with my right now). Family is still exactly as important as it was back then, and I’ve found a newfound respect for the city (and country) I grew up in. While I’m not planning on going back, I’m thankful that it’s where I came from.

This year I continued exploring Europe, got my first serious job, and furnished my own apartment. I spent 12 straight hours in a library studying for exams, but also climbed up an abandoned tower to watch the sun rise after a (prolonged) evening out with friends. I spent a week traveling around Germany with those I love, and countless evenings in Munich with girls that have become family. Hey, last weekend I even climbed a mountain! I still can’t believe I got myself up there, but I did it. That’s just the thing I’ve learned as well: anything is possible. You can get through every shitty day, every stressful deadline, and up every damn hill.

And lastly, I am so thankful for each and every one of you. Thank you for being there and following along. ExploresMore has grown so much this past year, and I’m so excited to see what the next year will bring.

I am so thankful for this life. So so thankful! Much love, Julia


P.S. – Back to normal, non-sappy content on Thursday. :)


My Los Angeles

As some of you may know, I’m an Angelino: I was born and raised in Los Angeles, and left only two years ago when I could no longer resist Europe on the other side of the pond. Los Angeles is a place unlike any other. It’s a sprawling city, made up of several areas and countless neighborhoods. There are so many corners to explore, things to experience and so much yummy food to eat. Today I finally wanted to share my Los Angeles with you guys. The places I come back to every time, the restaurants I can’t do without, and the stores where I blow my cash, every time. Plus, so many good beaches! Enjoy you guys. 😍

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Getting Ready For Oktoberfest

It’s that time of year again: Oktoberfest! I attended my first Oktoberfest a year ago, and oh boy was I clueless before the whole thing began. However, I still ended up having the time of my life, it was the perfect start to studying in Munich. Today I wanted to share some information about the Oktoberfest and tips for attending. If you have the chance, it’s not something you want to miss out on. Enjoy! :)

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Must-Visit Spots In Paris

Two years ago today I moved to Paris, France to begin the gap year that over the course of 10 months would completely change my life in the most positive way. To celebrate, I wanted to share a personal guide for you guys of all of the places I came to love over the year and have missed ever since. So, it’s been a long time coming but here is my full guide to Paris, the corners I loved and the places I tell people to visit every time I get asked about the city.  Note: for some of the categories or places I have done previous posts. I have linked them all below for you so that you get a fully comprehensive overview.

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Girls Trip To Verona

As I mentioned in the post I wrote about Venice, in February a good friend and I took off to Italy to celebrate the end of exams. To be honest, before booking my trip to Verona, the city had never been on my radar. However, that quickly changed; after a quick scroll through Pinterest I was hooked, and booked my ticket. It’s the backdrop to one of the most famous love stories of all time! The place of Romeo and Juliet, of wandering little side streets and amazing hilltop views. Today I am so excited to share the images I shot with you guys, along with some recommendations should you ever find yourself in magical Verona.

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