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Munich Hidden Treasures: Wine & Dine At Paros

Free in Munich on a Monday night, and down to get a little tipsy? Look no further than Taverna Paros, a true Munich hidden treasure.

This little gem was shown to me by a friend about two years ago, and I truly do not know why I haven’t shared it with you all until now. Located in a cozy side-street in the heart of Munich, Paros is a delicious and beautiful Greek restaurant. However, the cherry on top: every Monday, if you order an entree (9-16 Euros), you get to drink as much white wine as you want for 6 Euros. You can just have a quick meal out, or do it as my friends and I do, and make an evening out of it. By 8PM the place is always packed, and I highly recommend you make a reservation here on their website. Wine + Gyros = a dream!

This post is in no way sponsored (I wish!!). I just wanted to share this with you all, as I know many people are making their travel plans for the following year, and I have a lot of German readers. So what are you waiting for? And maybe we’ll even see each other there on an upcoming Monday 😉

xx Julia


Hello 2018! & Looking Back At 2017

I know it’s what most people say, but I can’t believe that 2017 is coming to an end. I’m in a different place than I was when I wrote this post last year, but I’m very happy with where I am. 2017 was hard, the toughest year of my life so far. Many difficult personal things happened, often sending my world (and always over-thinking mind) into chaos. However, what I also learned this year, as I keep learning every year, is how much I can depend on the people in my life. My friends and family have continuously been there for me, even in moments where I think I didn’t think I deserved it. The amount of love I have felt from all ends this year was incredible.

Plus, 2017 brought the most travels I have ever done within 12 months. I’m writing this post from my friend’s couch in NYC, where I’ll be ringing in the new year! Plus, Helsinki, Prague, Paris, Hamburg, Los Angeles, Tallinn, Berlin, the list goes on. I’m very thankful for it all, and am truly excited to see which new places I will discover in 2018.

2018 will be an interesting one. In the next year I’ll be graduating from college, and starting an entire new chapter in my life. Maybe a job, maybe a trip around the world, or maybe a Masters Degree, who knows?! I’m excited to find out. I’m excited to keep on working on myself and growing in the next year, and to share many more moments with you all.

Now, with all that being said, enjoy a little retrospection of 2017. I truly enjoyed reliving my greatest moments of the year while putting this together for you all!

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Survival Guide To Flying When You’re Sick

While the winter holidays are often seen as a chance to travel, the cooler temperatures can often leave many feeling under the weather. So, what to do if you have a case of the sniffles (or a full blown cold/flu), but need to be hopping on a plane? Fear not, today I’m going to share with you guys some things that work wonders for me, when I need to fly while I’m sick. Tried and perfected over the years (even a mere two weeks ago, when I flew from Munich to Los Angeles with a horrible cold), here are my tips.

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A Little Guide To A Weekend in Helsinki

In the hype of other northern European cities such as Copenhagen and Stockholm, Helsinki is oftentimes overshadowed by its larger neighbors. However, after spending several days in the Finnish capital, I can with certainty say that this city is not a destination you want to miss on your next weekend getaway. Enjoy this little guide I’ve put together, from my visit to the city last summer!

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November Roundup

November feels like it just started, and then suddenly ended, leaving Christmas right around the corner. What happened?? While November was not a smooth-sailing month, it was still a calm one at the same time. Does that make sense? I enjoyed watching the leaves turn red, and suddenly we’re already halfway to exams at Uni. But enough with my ramblings, click through to read about the things I loved/experienced in November, and what I’m looking forward to in the upcoming months.

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Leave LA Behind And Go To Joshua Tree

Despite Joshua Tree being a mere 2 1/2 (or, let’s face it, with the usual traffic, 3-4) hour drive away from Los Angeles, when you step out of your car upon arrival, you’ll feel like you’ve entered another world. Gone are the buildings and asphalt of the city; the small towns surrounding the park and the open desert look like a different America. And here is why you should take that drive, and leave Los Angeles behind for the weekend.

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