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Ocean Side OOTD

This past week I spent some time in Germany, visiting my grandma in Essen and then my family and best friend in the North. These photos were shot during a very cold walk by the sea. I didn’t last in the cold for more than 30 minutes, but I hope you enjoy this OOTD none the less.

I’m wearing:

J.Crew Sweater / Target Jeans / Doc MartensNew Look Beanie / H&M Scarf Free People Coat

I have been loving wearing high waisted jeans with cropped sweaters, because it’s the perfect way to show some form even in the dead of winter. And, the high waistline hides my little winter budge. A win/win if you ask me! :) Truthfully my ankles got a bit cold while shooting this, so I recommend warm socks (and gloves) if you are heading somewhere chilly.

It was magical being at the beach this day, even if it was freezing. Having grown up in LA, it can be tough not seeing any water other than the Seine for long periods of time. And, the sea always leaves me dreaming of summer. *Sigh*.

Anybody have any tips for staying warm in the freezing cold? My advice is layers layers layers, but sound off in the comments below if you have any extra tips and tricks! I always love to hear.

Much love,



My NYFW AW15 Picks

While it is a dream of mine to one day be able to attend a fashion week as a guest, I must say that during this New York Fashion Week I was more than glad to pick out my favorites all nice and warm on a sofa, cup of tea in hand. Some trends I see coming next fall are…

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Modern 1920s at the Rodarte NYFW FW15 Show


For me the designer that takes the cake this year at NYFW is Rodarte. What first caught my eye about Rodarte NYFW FW15 was when my Instagram feed flooded with the Swarovski details under the models’ eyes. I fell in love immediately, and that love only grew after I went through pictures of the designer’s runway show last night. Filled with adorable 20s swing dresses, beaded detailing all over, fun tights, and killer coats I would hands down wear almost every single thing off of this runway. The immensity of details in this show, from the makeup look (can’t get enough of those crystals), the hems on the dresses, and the classy way of mixing sheers fabrics with fur (very French, très bien) has stolen my heart.

I feel so inspired and can’t wait to wear these trends in real life. A round of applause to Rodarte for successfully making the 1920s wearable for any modern woman. While the 20s were all over the runways, this design house without a doubt did it the best.

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Exploring Sacre Coeur


Hello my lovely readers! I swear, it seems that summer has arrived about three months early in Paris this week. The weather has been just incredible, days are sunny and warm. So of course I soaked up as much of it as possible before my trip to Germany (hello from the train somewhere in Brussels). I’m embarrassed to say this, but Sacre Coeur/Montmartre is an area of Paris that I don’t know well at all. I’m hoping that this will change soon, because my new place is just a few metro stops away. Stepping out into the street, there’s even an immediate view of this incredible church!

That being said, enjoy these pictures and tips from the one time I have been to Montmartre. I can’t wait to share more photos of this artsy area with you as I begin to spend more time there!

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Best Apps For Traveling

Image-1 (7)

Hello my lovely readers! Today I wanted to bring you a post I wish someone had showed me before I moved to Europe. It would have saved me a lot of fear towards the metro and future adventures! I hope you enjoy this post of best apps for traveling, and please comment below if you personally use additional apps that you find helpful for being abroad/in unknown places.

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