Little Summer Dress


Summer!! Days are flying by, but all I can say is that I feel endlessly free. No summer assignments, work, or places I have to be. Days are spent sleeping in, nights are spent partying with friends that had been very much missed. There really is nothing like this wonderful time of year :)

Upon my request after seeing the hay barrels set up on the freshly harvested fields, my friends and I wandered out one evening for a little photo shoot. I have been living in this simple yet very cute little summer dress. It even reminds me a little of the farmland I was standing on. And on my feet are my trusted Converse, they’ve become basically my daily footwear. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this post, and have been enjoying the long sunny days around you :)


Northern Germany Photo Diary: Part 1


Hello my lovely readers! Today I present to you the more personal photos I have taken so far in Northern Germany. By personal, I mean that these are my “tourist photos”, meant to capture sights and special moments, rather than planned shoots. The cities included in the very broad Northern Germany title are: Winnemark, Kappeln, and Schleswig, all a part of the larger Schleswig Holstein. I hope you enjoy, there are lots and lots of photos to scroll through!

Songs For Summer

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Hello my lovely readers! Today I wanted to present you with something that’s first of a kind on ExploresMore: a playlist! For me, a summer is defined by many things, including great music. I can hear a song on the radio, and will immediately think: Summer, 2011 (Mr Saxobeat). So, here it goes, the list of songs that have been defining my summer 2014. They’re everything, from nostalgic to upbeat and to slow. I hope you enjoy :)


The Lace Shirt

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Hello my lovely readers! First of all, I want to say that I am so sorry that I have not posted here in over a week. The house my family was staying at had no internet, nor did I have access to it anywhere else in this small Northern German city. However, the new vacation home we moved into today does have internet, and I am thrilled to be back!! Today’s post is one that I am very proud of. A few nights ago, my little brother and I had a sunset photo shoot, and I think that the photos turned out terrifically. He actually has a photography website he’s building up, and it can be found here. I have gone completely summer-mode. This means no makeup, beachy hair (literally came from sailing before taking these), and not having a care in the world.

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Every time I’m in Northern Germany I fall in love with it all over again, and this summer is no exception. We’re staying near the town Kappeln, where I have been visiting since before I was even 2 months old. The air is fresh, and days are filled with bike rides and swimming. There is really nothing like it, and I hope my brother and I managed to partially capture the beauty of it in these photos! :)


Cologne Photo Diary


Hello my lovely readers! Today’s post comes to you from the one square foot of space in my grandmas house that offers working internet (thank you neighbors). While I’ve mainly just been relaxing at her house before leaving for Northern Germany tomorrow (and really beginning my summer there), I did have the chance to spend about 20 hours in Cologne this week. I visited my cousin for a night and a day, and had quite a blast! I’ve already spent a lot of time in the city, and love it even more every time I visit. I didn’t take my DSLR with me, but snapped some shots on my iPhone. I hope you enjoy them!


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