Best Drugstore Makeup (Ever!)


I have to be honest here: a large part of my makeup collection consists of tried and true high end products. When I spend a lot of money on things, I tend to research them before, and am almost never disappointed by my purchase. With drugstore makeup though, it’s another story. How often have you found yourself standing in the makeup section at Target, and just grabbing something because the new advertisement seemed cool? And then coming home to realize that this product was not everything the pretty pictures made it seem like? Sadly this has happened to me one too many times. No fear though, that’s why I’m creating this guide for you today! I want to tell you about the drugstore products that I own and swear by, in other words, the best drugstore makeup (ever!). They aren’t good “for a drugstore product”; these finds are plain good, absolutely incredible. Keep on reading for more!


A Day In Paris: Walk Along The Seine


Ahhh, Paris! My love for this city simply does not falter. Never have I lived in a place that I find so beautiful that I am completely content with walking around. Not sightseeing, not hopping into shops or museums, but just exploring and enjoying the wonderful sites and sounds. And that is one of the best things you can write into your itinerary should you ever travel to Paris: take a walk! In this post, I will be describing exactly the one I took to you. So many beautiful places to see, so strap on your walking shoes!


Next Stop: Amsterdam! (Need Tips!)


It’s official! After a brief stop-over in Germany this weekend, I am heading to the number one city on my bucket list: Amsterdam!! I am incredibly excited, and cannot wait to share the pictures with you. I already have so many post ideas, and I have not even left France yet! That being said, I am creating this post to ask you guys for something very important: what are your Amsterdam recommendations? In a city full of as much culture as Amsterdam, I am completely lost as to where to start. I would appreciate any tips, whether you live there, have visited, or have recently read something interesting about the city. If you have anything, please comment below!!

Also, I want to add that I will be traveling for a week without my laptop. That means that ExploresMore will remain silent for a week. No fear though, posting will return as soon as I’m back. And if you want, you can follow me on Instagram to keep up with the daily updates I’ll be posting there.

Thank you so much to anybody that comments anything below, I am eternally grateful. Here’s to the next two weeks: filled with travel, I wouldn’t want to have them any other way!



Songs For Autumn

photo (3)

Autumn is here, and with that I’d like to publish my second playlist here on ExploresMore (find my playlist from summer here). While I feel like people would typically listen to more mellow songs as the climate becomes colder, for me autumn has been mainly filled with fast and upbeat sounds. Whether I’m sitting on the metro at 8AM going to school, or jogging in the afternoon, these songs are what have been motivating me and getting me through. They especially inspire me and help me stay awake when exhaustion strikes!! From mainstream to old school to French, I think that there’s at least one song here for everybody, and encourage you to give the playlist a try. That being said, enjoy the music, Spotify is embedded below!


Pont Du Amoureuse


Happy Friday to you all! Today’s post is brought to you from Paris’ Pont Du Amoureuse, or, the Love Lock Bridge. It’s where couples, friends, family, etc. from all around the world put their locks and throw their keys into the river Seine as a symbol of love. Only a short walk from my school, this has to be one of my favorite spots in Paris. This week I enjoyed my lunch on a bench in the middle of the bridge, looking out over the water and watching couples adding their own locks. It was truly a lovely experience, and I hope to make it a tradition. Especially now that most of the tourists have started to go home, spots like this have once again become more bearable. If you ever are a tourist in Paris though, I highly recommend coming and just sitting at this spot. It’s in an incredible area of Paris; I could personally watch boats, people, and the beautiful buildings for hours on end. Anyways, hope you enjoy this post, and that you as well took some time this week to enjoy the beauty of the world around you. Outfit details are below!


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