The Kodaline Concert

My blog is a place where I share with you the experiences I love and want to hold on to forever, so of course I have to share with you guys the amazing time I had last night. Yesterday I headed to Le Trianon to see one of my all time favorite bands Kodaline play live, and it was completely and utterly unforgettable.

After The Mispers put on a great opening act, Steve, Jay, Mark and Vinnie hit the stage and put on a flawless performance. It was one of the concerts where the music just fills you; I was smiling like a madwoman for 2 straight hours. Seeing some of the songs that have inspired me most (including Brand New Day, which played a huge role in me moving to France) brought me to tears. There’s something to say if a band is better live than through headphones. They played a perfect mixture of new and old, mixing up the hits off of the first album (In A Perfect World) with fresh beats off of their newly released album Coming Up For Air.

But what made the night so truly amazing was what happened after the show. Being the groupie that I am and waiting after the show in hopes of meeting the band, I was not let down. I had been wishing for maybe a signature and a picture, but got so so so much more. All four guys ended up mingling and talking with those that had waited outside, leaving 45 minutes later only when the managers forced them inside the tour bus. It was amazing to talk to these men, to be able to tell them how much their music meant to me, and to get their own opinions of the tour life they are living. Hearing I was not French brought up the subject of Los Angeles (they’re performing there in May!), along with what I was doing in France. It felt great to tell them that they were a big part of it, and it felt even better to see the smiles on their faces because of it. They really seemed to enjoy stopping to talk and chat, a big gesture in my eyes.

But my favorite quote has to be from Steve (lead singer). I told him it’s quite therapeutic listening to his album in the metro, and jokingly recommended he do the same. Following, he replied that he finds it strange to listen to his own music, then asked me, “How do you feel when you hear a recording of your voice?”. In that moment, the question I had always had of “Do musicians listen to their own music” was answered. Even the singers with the voice of an angel can’t listen to themselves over and over again!

Thanks for reading, although I know this post was a bit different than the rest! Hope you enjoyed. What was the best band you ever saw live? Sound off in the comments below.


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