The Best Cafes In Munich

Hello all! Yes, I know that once again it has been so long, much much too long. So much has happened, so many adventures I can’t wait to share with you all here. I’ve started my second semester at Uni, went to Paris (which Instagram followers would have seen), saw many new cities around Germany, and have just generally been trying to enjoy every moment.

But now a moment to come back here and begin sharing more frequently again. I’m always busy, but I’ve decided to really try to make it a priority to write again, similar to how I make the time every week to sit down with Uni work! Today I wanted to share my first post that’s truly focused around the city I’m currently living in, Munich! Guys, I absolutely love it here, I am convinced I could not have chosen a better city to live and study in. That being said, there are lots of places around Munich to have a wicked coffee (or tea!), places I wanted to share with you all today. Be sure to stop by should you ever find yourself in town!

  1. Café Vorhoelzer Forum // Located on the roof of Munich’s TU (University of Technology), this is by far the coffee with the best view. Serving everything from a wicked hot chocolate to strawberry mint teas to cold beers, this rooftop café is the place to be, especially in summer. In summer evenings it turns into a packed student bar, loud music playing as the sun goes down. In the winter you’ll find students taking in the view as they sip their coffees during their study breaks (me during the entire exam season). Not to be missed, if for the panoramic view of the city alone. My recommendation: latte macchiato or a Radler (beer with lemonade).
  2. Brown’s Tea Bar // Probably one of my favorite places to cozy up in the city. Brown’s Tea Bar is known for precisely its namesake: serving up a wicked cup of tea. There are tons of flavors to chose from, my favorite being the rooibos teas. The interior is filled with fluffy couches and quaint wall art; I find it very English (not to mention they have some delicious scones). I’ve spent ours in here with friends, just chatting the afternoon away. My recommendation: caramel rooibos tea with the chocolate + white chocolate shavings tarte. 
  3. Dinatale Café // 2 Euro Latte Macchiatos that will absolutely blow your mind. Cheapest and best cup to go in Munich (I’ve stopped drinking university coffee, even with its low price tag). There are two locations right by campus, each one run by a group of friendly Italian men. If you’re on the go, you seriously can’t go wrong. My recommendation: latte macchiato to go. 
  4. Lost Weekend // This is actually the first café I ever went to after moving to Munich, and seeing that it’s literally right next door to my faculty, that time wasn’t the last. While a little bit pricey, all of their goods are organic (including dairy free). What really draws me in is that there’s a little bookshop within the café (it is attached to the English faculty after all), and frequent concerts/poetry readings in the evening. My recommendation: chai tea latte or a fresh mint tea. 
  5. Café Schneller // Recommended to me by my language course teacher back when I arrived in September, Schneller is a place I have frequented many times since (including my 19th birthday). It’s a local favorite, with a practical location right behind the university. Stop in for a simple cup of coffee, either on the back terrace or straight on the sidewalk. The very best part? The shop offers over 15 types of freshly baked cakes at just 2 Euros a slice, perfect if you have a little sweet tooth. My recommendation: Sacher Torte with a plain “milch kaffee” (simply coffee with milk). 
  6. Königin 43 // As a California girl I get cravings for freshly pressed things (and of course smoothie bowls, but that’s a different post). Imagine my surprise when I walked into this café after class one day and found that they served a piping hot apple-ginger-orange pressed tea? It’s become my go-to order every time I’m there, and whenever I feel a little cold coming on it’s the first thing I ingest. Plus, a lovely view of the English garden and comfy sofas all around. My recommendation: the above-mentioned tea or a chai tea latte. 
  7. Deli Star // Known amongst students for their wonderful bagels, I wanted to give Deli Star a shoutout for their incredible hot chocolate. They full up the cup with chocolate chips, pour in steaming milk, give you a spoon and you are good to go. I like to drink it all and then scrape out the melted chocolate when I’m done (healthy lifestyle, I know). But it sure is good. Also a shoutout to their fresh salads and wrap, whose prices are knocked down 50-75% before closing our (because if broke students are too lazy to cook, they should at least eat out on the cheap). My recommendation: hot chocolate, and if you’re feeling hungry a parmesan salmon bagel. 


And there we go, I hope you have been inspired to go and enjoy a warm cup-o-something! Thank you so much for reading and be back soon! xx Julia

P.S. : 25 Foods To Eat In Germany, if you want to expand your knowledge of all things delicious!

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  • very keen to check some of these out since i make it to munich often enough :) thanks for the tips!

    • Yesss definitely do! Plus there’s just nothing better than a good cup of coffee :)

  • Helena Dommor

    Toller Beitrag! : ) Lost Weekend kenne ich schon, alle anderen werde ich noch besuchen müssen, bin selbst neu in der Stadt ; ) Danke für die tolle Infos!!

    • Hihi! Musst du auf jeden Fall mal, war heute wieder bei Dinatale um mir meinen Latte zu holen, einfach soo lecker. Und, schau auf jeden fall mal an der Dachterrasse vorbei, die Sicht ist einfach top!

  • Mademoiselle Coconath

    Great post!


    Mademoiselle Coconath

  • Trang Do

    Such a great post! Love the place Munich!

    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  • So much amazing sounding coffee!

    xx Kelly
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  • I love this. I would absolutely LOVE to visit Munich!! xoxo

    • You must! Such a gorgeous city. Thanks for reading girl!! :)

  • These all sound amazing! Looking forward to seeing some more of your adventures in Munich! Stephie xx

  • Hey girl! Thank you so much for reading! :)

    I’ve given you a follow on Bloglovin’, cheers to new blogging friends! :)

    xx Julia

  • Molly Hogan

    Great post! I’ve been dying to go to Munich!



    • I 100% recommend a visit!! Such a gorgeous city.

      Thanks for reading Molly!

  • Munich seems like such a fun place! So many students there!! Xx

    Nikki |

    • Yess that’s why I love it so much! Thanks for reading girl :)

  • Hanna

    Oh thanks for sharing these! –Hanna Lei

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