September Roundup

Hello my lovely readers! For the past few weeks I’ve been putting a lot of thought into the blog, and in what sort of a direction I want it to go. After much consideration, I’ve decided to expand my niche, going from a travel blog to more of a lifestyle/travel blog. What can you expect with this change? To begin, more posts from the other facets of my life. Advice for applying to college, best music for long train rides and more posts about shopping/packing when it comes to traveling. The blog is still primarily travel themed, with just a slight expansion of the amount of topics I’ll be writing about.

So, I hope you guys stick around. It’s just that I do a lot more than just travel; as a full time student and working about 15 hours a week on top of that, the truth of the matter is that I can’t always be on the road!!

Today I wanted to introduce a new series to ExploresMore. Behold, my monthly roundup! Each month I wanted to start sharing some little things about the past month with you guys. Perhaps, a quick update on where travels have taken me (which you can also follow on my Instagram btw), a new carryon backpack I’ve discovered, or even which little things I’ve been loving (from jewelry to cosmetics to what I’m currently reading). So let’s get started, my September Roundup!


» Monthly Favorites «

  • Each and every sort of nail polish – After being a nail biter for my entire life, I finally kicked the habit this summer. As I’m sure you guys can imagine, I’m very proud of my new, non-chewed nails and have been changing up my polish several times a week.
  • Happiness Boutique – A few weeks ago I was approached by a Berlin fashion brand by the name of Happiness Boutique to see if I’d be interested in receiving a product and considering it for a blog feature. I was thrilled to have been approached by a German brand, and after checking out their website I decided on the blue statement necklace above. It arrived and is absolutely gorgeous as you guys can see above, along with being top-notch quality (I pair it with blouses when I go to work, as you can see here on my Instagram). They also sent along a discount code for you lovely readers, enter exploresmore at checkout to save 10%. :)
  • Kusmi Tea – I’ve raved about this tea before on the blog, and nothing has changed. I’ve been trying to wean myself off of coffee this month and having a cup of English breakfast tea in the morning is a great alternative. I own the Russian Tea Set.
  • Berlin Street Style –  I’ve owned this book for ages, and for some reason I picked it up again this month to give it another readthrough. I bought it last year while I was living in France, and loved seeing how many more trends I recognized this year (after having lived in Germany for 13-months) compared to last year. The book is pretty on point, plus, it’s gorgeous to display around the apartment.
  • Succulents – After a trip to the Netherlands last week, I’ve been obsessed with all sorts of succulents. The Dutch people are crazy about them, and after returning home last week I picked up a few for myself. Something I’m really good at is killing plants, but I have high hopes that I’ll be able to keep my cacti alive. 😀

» Travels in September «

  • Hiking in the alps – Definitely one of my proudest moments in September was hiking up 1,800 meters in the Alps. Those who know me in real life know I am not the biggest “fitness” girl, but I’m so glad that the three guys I went hiking with dragged me up that mountain. The view at the top of Heimgarten was so beautiful I almost cried (not even kidding). (See Instagram pictures here & here)
  • Starnberg – My best friend and I decided to head out of Munich for a day, and spend one of the last days of summer at the Starnberg Sea. Located only about 45 minutes outside of Munich, it will feel like you’re in another world. Clear water (and lots of piers for diving in), a view of the Alps in the distance, and inexpensive paddle board and boat rentals.
  • Utrecht – I decided to treat myself with one last little vacation and headed to the Netherlands for 4 days to visit a very dear friend from Paris. Utrecht was gorgeous, and there’s a blog post (with lots of photos) coming your way soon. I just love the Netherlands and Utrecht did not disappoint.
  • Amsterdam – Of course a day trip to Amsterdam was in the cards. If you guys can remember, I went to Amsterdam two years ago and was thrilled to be back. An updated little post about my day in the city will be coming your way as well in the upcoming weeks.
  • Essen/Düsseldorf – I’m in Essen a few times a year to visit my grandmother, but had never gotten the chance to explore Düsseldorf before. I strolled around with a friend for a few hours, stopping to do some shopping in the Königsallee and admired the Rhine Tower from the banks of the Rhine River.

» Watching & Listening «

  • The Good Wife – I know I’m quite late to jump onto this boat, but oh my I can’t stop watching this TV show. It follows the life of a female lawyer (Alicia Florrick) in Chicago, and how she navigates work, relationships, family, etc. It’s addictive.
  • The Chainsmokers – While I”m sure you guys have heard their mega-hit Closer, I’ve been enjoying listening through their older stuff as well. I’m a big fan of Kanye along with New York City. (couldn’t find a Kanye link but check out Spotify!)
  • Twenty One Pilots – Yes I know super mainstream, but I wanted to share two songs by them that not everybody may know. The first one is Lovely from their 2013 album Vessel, and their cover of Can’t Help Falling In Love. Too good.


So that’s it for my first monthly round up you guys! If you have any ideas or recommendations of what I could include in my roundup, please do let me know below. Much love, Julia

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  • hopefray

    Honestly, I’d read about everything you would write on this blog so I am glad you are branching out. Plus, I always love every sort of list or roudup :)
    Twenty One Pilots would also be a huge favorite of mine this month thanks to my little sister that borrowed me her CD. My favorite song though is Tear In My Heart.
    love, hope

    • Ah Hope, your lovely comment just made my morning! Thank you so much :)

      Oh my, I LOVE Tear In My Heart. I actually discovered Twenty One Pilots through that song!!

  • Utrecht is a really cool city! If I were to ever live in the Netherlands I think I’d choose Utrecht.

    • Yeah I honestly think I would as well! It has the charm of Amsterdam yet still seems to be quite a well hidden secret from tourists.