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Paris Snapshots: First Sweets, Eiffel Tower, and Notre Dame


Hello my lovely readers! And finally……the Paris photos begin!! I’ve been out the past few days with a lovely little stomach bug, meaning that there was lots of time for editing photos. These photos are from August 30th and 31st, the very productive weekend I used to hit up two of Paris’ most famous tourist spots, and of course, to try out a sampling of the delicious food the city is known for! This weekend the adventure continues, I can’t wait to explore the 8th and 9th Arrondissements.

To put it simply: this city is every photographer’s dream. Picture perfect architecture, beautiful historical landmarks, incredible street fashion and delicious (photogenic) food is waiting around every corner. Honestly though, I think that photographs can’t even begin to do it justice. While I do love these pictures, sometimes the best thing to do is leave the camera at home, and absorb the city’s incredible atmosphere. However, that being said, I do hope that the photographs manage to convey some of the magical moments I have experienced so far. I try to do reality justice with every click of the shutter!! Enjoy :)

^^ Carousel in front of the Tower (08/31/14)


^^ Love-lock bridge (08/30/14)

^^ La Tour Eiffel (08/31/14)

^^ Street art over the Seine (08/31/14)


^^ View from the second platform of the Eiffel Tower (08/31/14)



^^ Views from down below (08/31/14)



^^ Maison Georges Larnicol Macaroons (08/30/14)

^^ Tiramisu ice cream :) (08/30/14)



^^ Views from around Notre Dame (08/30/14)

^^ My view when I go running (08/28/14)


^^ Notre Dame, I give myself at least 5 months to be a tourist!! (08/30/14)

While I have been set back quite a bit this week due to being sick, life continues to be an adventure. In between working and getting to know my family better, I have also been enjoying the process of getting closer with the other Au Pairs (including finding a new blogging buddy and finding somebody who loves photography just as much as I do, hooray!!) and discovering this new place.

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  • Fi

    Hi Julia, I love your blog and your photos! Can I ask what camera you use? I’d like your tips on how to take great photos in europe and while travelling. Thanks!

    • Julia

      Hi there! I use a very old camera, the Canon Rebel Xs! My tip is just shoot away, practice makes perfect 😀 Have fun in Europe!!

  • Lucy

    Hi, I stumbled upon your blog when I was searching for Acai bowl recopies and saw that you are an au pair in Paris! I am too, i’ve been here almost 2 weeks and i’m staying until december, it would be lovely to meet up at some point if your free!

    • Julia

      Hi there!! I would love to meet up :) Send me an email at, I would love to get in touch!! And I hope you liked the acai bowl recipe haha :)

      Have you found the puree in Paris? I was thinking of checking out Picard, but want to know if you have had any luck somewhere!