One Day In Venice, Italy

After exams finished last semester, a girlfriend and I packed our bags and headed to Italy as a little treat for all of our hard work the weeks before. We hit up Verona for three days, and took an additional day-trip to Venice, a city I had been dying to see for years. We spent the day wandering the streets, enjoying delicious food, and just stopping to sit and enjoy the water (this California girl misses it on a daily). We went without a clue or a plan, and it truthfully ended up being the best idea ever. Today I wanted to take you guys through our day: the sites we ended up seeing, the food we ate (best ever) and my tips for your visit. 


Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-25 um 1.03.11 nachm.

When we first got off of our bus (we took a FlixBus from Verona for about 5 Euros) we didn’t have the slightest idea where to start. After asking around we figured out that we could use a tram to get to the main part of the city, so we paid two Euros each and hopped onboard.

About 5 minutes later we were there! I was jumping out of my seat in excitement, after having spotted the blue water and bright little houses from the tram. We started walking, hoping to make our way into the city center. In my typical fashion, I stopped every three feet to take a picture. I couldn’t get enough of the gondolas and those little house-lined canals. I still can’t believe that people actually live here!

Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-25 um 1.01.04 nachm.


Before we treated ourselves to some lunch, we wanted to knock the big tourist stuff out of the way. After spending a good 30 minutes being lost in the mazes and mazes of side streets, we finally caved and asked a local for directions, only to find out that we had walked right past the Grand Canal several times. As soon as we arrived, I just fell in love. Despite throngs of tourists (and we were there in February, the off-season), we caught a moment of glorious sunshine, causing all of the red and pink tones to just light up. 

Following, we made our way over to the Piazza San Marco, where we took a few moments to just sit and watch the ships pass by. Supposedly when the tide comes up the Piazza floods, but it was dry for our visit. I mean, look at that view though!


Finally, lunch time! Following advice from my father, we decided to treat ourselves to Falciani Ristorante, a divine restaurant located right in the shadow of the Cathedral in Piazza San Marco. While a little bit on the pricier side (think 15-20 Euros for a main), this meal was by far the best I had during my trip to Italy. While I went for the seafood pasta (pictured above), my travel buddy went for the ink pasta. I wish I had taken a picture, but it’s literally pasta covered in black ink, one of the most unique things I had ever tasted. We spent over an hour inside, taking in the beautiful view and giving ourselves a rest after all of the walking we had done.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-25 um 12.58.30 nachm.



After lunch we knew we wanted to get away from the crowds, so we headed to the quieter east-side of the island. And sure enough, once we got there we basically had the streets to ourselves. The next three hours were spent walking, photographing, and sometimes just sitting quietly to take it all in. Guys, my biggest piece of advice is go in the few weeks right between winter and spring. Visiting mid-February was the best idea ever: the city isn’t too full yet and the canals don’t smell too bad. Also, prices are lower on everything! We truly felt like we had the city to ourselves once we got away from the big crowds, and nothing could beat that. 


Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-25 um 12.57.37 nachm.

When we headed back to Verona by train in the early evening I fell asleep within 5 minutes of the train ride because of how much we had done that day. I want to leave you with the tip to just kick back and enjoy this city. For me Venice is a place where you walk and see, rather than a place spent indoor in museums all day. Take in the salty air! As for me, I know that this trip will not not be my last visit to this magical floating city. Until next time Venice!

Cheers, Julia

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  • You have taken some stunning photos and sounds amazing, I have been to Italy but never Venice and really want to go, its definitely on the bucket list. I’ve heard it’s quite pricey though, did you find that?

    Found your blog through a comment on Hannah Gales, glad I found it as your blog is lovely! Georgina Clarke Blog x

    • Ahh this lovely comment just made my morning!

      Venice was quiite expensive, not gonna lie. However, I think we avoided the bulk of the costs as we commuted from Verona and returned home to Verona that evening. This saved us a ton of money, even with trainfare. If you ever do end up going, this is totally doable!

  • Such a beautiful place!

  • Katya

    You are so right – walking and breathing, getting lost in winding streets, that’s how you enjoy Venice :) Lovely photos!

    • Thank you so much Katya! :)

  • Venice is so dreamy, your snaps captured it perfectly

    • Thank you so much Sienna! :)

  • See, that’s what turned me off for so long as well! So happy that I ended up waiting until the timing was perfect. And yes, the pasta was so yum!!

  • The weather can be quite fickle, can’t it! Too bad that it happened to rain the day you were there, but that’s an excuse to go back!!

  • Thanks so much Tamara! :)

  • Ahhh this makes me so excited for my trip to Italy next year! Still have to wait a whole year though, grrr!!! But wow, may I ask why you decided to take a day trip from Verona instead of staying in Venice?

    • Ahh so exciting that you’re heading to Italy! What cities are you planning to visit?

      We decided to keep our base in Verona because accommodation was soo much less expensive in Verona than in Venice. We didn’t wanna fork over the money for a stay when we knew we would only be there for one day as well, so we just commuted!

    • And, I love your blog, I’ve given you a follow on Bloglovin’!! :)

  • Trang Do

    Great photos!! Love these places!!

    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  • Ana Sá

    Lovely pictures. That pasta though!
    Venice is for sure in my to do list. Will save this post as a reference :)

    Big kiss
    Ana C,

    • Thank you so much! Yes, make sure you get around to visiting some day!!

      • Ana Sá

        For sure :) x

  • I loved your post! I can’t stop thinking about Venice, it’s at the very top of my travel list right now! I even put a photo as my wallpaper, visualization an all, you know 😀


    • Yay so glad you enjoyed it! Seriously, make that dream happen, I promise you won’t regret it. I totally get it with the visualization, I’m the exact same :)

      And I’ve added you on Bloglovin’, you have a gorgeous blog! Looking forward to seeing more posts.

      Cheers, Julia

      • Thank you so much, Julia! <3 I'll definitely do everything I can to make that dream come true!

  • I love Venice and this post captures exactly why!

    LIVING IN PLAID – Personal Style Blog from Brussels

    • Yay so glad I could capture the feeling of the city for you!!