My Paris Apartment

I’m quite a nosy person. I’ll flip through somebody’s books, pick up their picture frames, and love peeking into their closets (and let’s be real, fridges as well). For this reason, I always love seeing where the bloggers I “know” through the internet live in reality. Does the traveler have a home filled with souvenirs? Or is it surprisingly sparse? Does the writer of a bright and colorful blog have decor to match their online space? Or do they prefer minimalism in their everyday reality?

I know for me, my home (or room) has always been a very personal space. I decorate, display, and am proud of my belongings and space. Despite loving traveling (and collecting special items while away), I greatly enjoy being at home as well. That being said, enjoy the photos of my Parisian apartment, along with explanations of how I use my travels to decorate my home.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 6.33.09 PMIMG_8583


First of all, my apartment stats:

  • I lived in a 10 square meter studio in the 17th arrondissement
  • My studio was located six flights up, no lift!
  • Everything was built in, kitchen, table, shower, toilet, bed, and closet


Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 6.32.06 PMIMG_8600


When it came to decor and decorating, I cannot say that I had any theme in mind. I knew I had to keep my belongings minimal and tidy, otherwise the small space would get crowded quickly. I ended up having a space that I loved, not too full but still filled with memories of happy moments from personal life and travels and lots of bright colors. Here’s how I decorated in such a small space:

  • I focused on hanging prints and pictures on the walls. These warmed up the space and made them personal, without actually taking up any space (other than wall space of course)! Try decorating with some special photos from home, post cards from your travels, and wall art (I loved the cover of a magazine so I hung it up).
  • When I had to have things lying around such as glass jars for storage I tried to make them pretty! I labeled them with paper and washi tape, immediately sprucing things up. For things that had no storage cabinet such as my makeup remover and toothpaste, I just made sure that I found a way to present them nicely (see photos above).
  • Change your lighting! I strung up some fairy lights and scattered lamps around the apartment rather than using the over head lighting. This cozied things up a lot.




With cooking and living in such close quarters, two things were key: cleaning and constantly airing the apartment out. There was nothing worse than crawling into bed at night, only to find out that my sheets smelled like the grilled cheese I had burnt earlier in the day! Thankfully I lived 6 floors up, so I could keep my window open around the clock without worries of break-ins.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 6.31.00 PM



Now the most unique thing about my place had to have been the sleeping arrangement. The layout downstairs was too small to hold a mattress, so my host family ended up expanding into the roof, to make room for a bed and shelves. That meant I had to climb up a ladder to reach my bed. In the winter it was perfect, a cozy cave of warmth where I could eye my closet and pick out my clothes before even getting out of bed. However in the summer I ended up sleeping downstairs on my kitchen bench, under an open window. It just got too stuffy up there!


IMG_8015Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 6.28.35 PM

I loved this place with all of my heart, and will forever be proud of the fact that my first very own place was in the heart of Paris. I hope you guys enjoyed this more personal insight into my life, and I had fun sharing some of my decorating mannerisms with you all!

As always, thanks for reading, and cheers :)


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  • Sharon

    Loved this post actually! Keep it up



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  • Adorable! I’m sure you’ll always look back fondly of your time there, but also marvel at how you managed in such a small space! Your photos really capture the elegance and charm of Parisian architecture…thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you for reading and for the awesome comment !! I do to both, I can’t believe that I lived in this space for 4 months! I’d do it all over again though, and I think that my little Paris apartment will have a special place in my heart for the rest of my life.

  • Really cute apartment, nice photos! :)

  • Michèle

    looks like such a cozy place. :)

    • Thank you, it was 😀

  • Awesome apartment. Love the pictures! X

  • wow, that looks like a lot of stairs. Love seeing how you keep everything tidy and the photos. I am a little nosey as well lol.

    Let’s follow each other on Bloglovin’?!

    xx Falasha

    Bite My Fashion ll Instagram ll Bloglovin’

    • Yes, I’m super tidy 😀 And 7 flights was a ton!! I just wanted to come home to a clean apartment at the end of the day 😀

  • Such a beautiful space! I love the character and all of your personal touches. xx

    Audrey Adair |

    • Thanks Audrey and thanks for reading :)

  • Love this! I hope someday I get the chance to live in Paris, what a dreamy city! xx

    • Such a dreamy city! I hope you get the chance to spend some time there Marissa :)

  • Micah Lambert

    Great post idea!

  • Love your decor! This sounds like it was such a great experience. I’m so jealous you got to spend so much time in Paris. I love this post idea too!
    xx, Pia

    • Julia

      Ahh thanks for reading Pia! 😀 If you ever end up recreating the post, I’d love to see your place as well !!

      • I’m actually moving into my new flat next week and am SO excited. I already have a colour scheme picked out… details to come haha.

        • Wait that’s so cool! Wanna spill some deets to me? 😀 If not I get it, but hey, as stated in the post I’m super nosy haha 😀

          • So I’m going with white, gold and turquoise & I’ve got a slated ceiling so I was thinking of doing something like this draped from the slanted part with fairy lights (of course). I also reallllly want a bunch of jewellery dishes, a candle and wine rack.

          • Ahh that sounds amazing!! Fairy lights are always a good idea, as are candles. Can’t wait to see how it all comes together :)

  • Tracy

    Your Paris apartment is just gorgeous! Love to see how you upgraded a small space!

    • Julia

      Thanks girl! It was a special little place :)

  • What a cute little place! It’s so nice to be able to have your own space and decorate it just the way you want. I’m a big fan of photos, cushions and nice lighting for making a room feel homely :)

    • Julia

      Ohh I never thought of cushions! I guess my space wasn’t big enough, but I’ll focus on them in my next apartment 😀 Thanks for reading Camilla!