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While it seems like just yesterday that I shared photos of my Paris apartment with you guys, I thought it was time to show you a little glimpse of the place I moved into in Munich, Germany at the beginning of my studies. In September 2015 I moved into the apartment I’m living in now, and I love it with every piece of my heart. It’s about three times as big as the Paris one was (Paris was 10sqm), always drenched in sunlight, and I’m even lucky enough to have a balcony. Located 20 minutes from university and right across from the English Garden, I’ve spent the last months making it mine, and now truly call this space home. Today I wanted to give you all a little peek inside, with looks at my favorite little details. Plus, student prices and tips comme d’habitude!





I think that you guys will immediately see decorating similarities between this apartment and my old one. True to form, I’ve kept my apartment bright with prints and pops of color. I think that prints are a great way to make a place feel like home on a low budget; for the most part mine are postcards collected in Paris last year, posters I received at events, or even pretty magazine covers (like the pink Printemps one!). I love collecting posters this way, as you begin making your apartment yours but are also filling it with special memories.

Since I’m not allowed to nail things into my wall, I’ve only framed one (large) print (I have smaller photos in frames on my desk as well) and set it on an Ikea shelf (print found here). I’ve decorated this area with flowers and candles, along with stacking some of my favorite books. Being an avid reader, a bookshelf is something that was really missing from my last apartment.

While for the most part I don’t fork over big money for Uni supplies (what’s the point of an expensive notebook to write things down in if you’re just going to be tearing out paper), one thing that I did splurge on is a nice planner from Papersource (see their planners here). Not only do I love it because I write down everything (I have the memory of a goldfish when it comes to appointments), but it looks so pretty sitting on the desk that it becomes decor. In addition to the planner, I have notepads just for to-do lists, where I keep weekly ones running for Uni, blog, and life in general. My laptop is covered in stickers from each place I love: Munich, Los Angeles, and, of course, Paris. And yes, I do use glasses!





On the other side of the apartment I have a dresser that I’ve decorated similarly to my bookshelf area. On top of it you’ll find nail polish, jewelry, books, and more flowers (who does love 2 Euro super market blooms??). This is the area of the apartment that most closely resembles the wall in my old one. I couldn’t part with just putting these prints away in an album, so I guess I ditched my clean “aesthetic” by piling up prints on a wall. But because I did this, I get to look at the faces of the people I love most in this world before rushing out every morning.

A little time saving trick in the morning is to keep your most worn jewelry places in a spot where you can easily grab them. Mine are on the counter right above my sock and underwear drawer, so there’s no way I’ll be missing it in the morning.

Also, incase anybody is wondering: vase from Ikea!


I like to display my nail polish, and it makes the bottles easier to grab as well (I’m always doing my nails). For my 19th birthday my mom got me a gorgeous mini table cloth, and I’ve laid that down to tie the “nail polish corner” together. A little trick I like to use to save a few Euros is to reuse old boxes for organization. To store my nail polish, rather than buying a container I reused the lid of an old Glossybox. Cute and free!



The last area of my apartment that I’m excited to share with you guys is my balcony. I was thrilled when I found out I had one, and although it took me 7 months to buy furniture for it, it’s finally complete. One of the things I love most about my apartment is that the sun shines in it all day, leaving the balcony area warm even after the sun has gone down. There’s nothing nicer than having friends over for dinner and sitting outside, or enjoying a cup of tea with somebody after a long day.

I knew I wanted lots of candles and plants, and while I’ve got the candles, the plants aren’t quite there yet. I bought a whole bunch when I went to Ikea, but after being out of town for close to a week, I came home to find them all dead (gooo Julia!). So for people with busy lifestyles, cacti are the way to go. :)

I really hope that you guys have enjoyed this little peek of my apartment here. I am so proud to call this space home! If you have any questions about where things are from, please comment down below, I’ll be happy to answer them. Much love, Julia

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  • Sharon

    Balcony is awesomeee



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  • Yes I have! You deffo need to go check out Neuschwanstein, it’s out of a fairytale. I also love Augsburg, it’s a great day trip city and only 10 Euros and 40 minutes by train. Be sure to get out of the city as well one day with the SBahn to see the Starnberg Sea and the Ammersee, both are so gorgeous. Also Austria is so nearby so you must go check that out as well. By bus the tickets are so cheap!

  • Hihi! Thank you so much!! That’s exactly what I thought as well, people ask me why I didn’t go for all white furniture, but I quite love the contrast! And the wood does give a homey feel, the room isn’t cold in the slightest.

    Munich is so great!! You’re going to love it here in the summer, rooftop terraces and jumping into the Isar (the big river that flows through the city). If you want some specific tips please do let me know, and I plan on publishing a “Munich in the Summer” guide as well!

    And I love your blog, I’ve given it a follow on Bloglovin! Such beautiful photography!! xx Julia

  • Sisters and Glitters

    Your home interior is so cute! xo, Sophia from