Munich Hidden Treasures: Wine & Dine At Paros

Free in Munich on a Monday night, and down to get a little tipsy? Look no further than Taverna Paros, a true Munich hidden treasure.

This little gem was shown to me by a friend about two years ago, and I truly do not know why I haven’t shared it with you all until now. Located in a cozy side-street in the heart of Munich, Paros is a delicious and beautiful Greek restaurant. However, the cherry on top: every Monday, if you order an entree (9-16 Euros), you get to drink as much white wine as you want for 6 Euros. You can just have a quick meal out, or do it as my friends and I do, and make an evening out of it. By 8PM the place is always packed, and I highly recommend you make a reservation here on their website. Wine + Gyros = a dream!

This post is in no way sponsored (I wish!!). I just wanted to share this with you all, as I know many people are making their travel plans for the following year, and I have a lot of German readers. So what are you waiting for? And maybe we’ll even see each other there on an upcoming Monday 😉

xx Julia

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