Merci, Paris!

As a traveler and young adult living in the world on her own for the first time, I’ve gotten used to saying my goodbyes. However, this hasn’t made them any easier for me. This is especially true right now in this moment, sitting in my packed up apartment and having said my goodbyes to the Au Pair family I adore and the friends I cannot imagine living my daily life without. And tomorrow (today when you all are reading this), comes the final au revoir to the city itself.

Au Revoir Paris

This year has been nothing short of incredible. It’s the year that I moved across the world at only 17, lived alone for the first time (in France nonetheless), and had to begin taking on the responsibilities and learning the lessons of grownup living. I figured out what I want out of the future, what kind of people I need in my life, and discovered (or rediscovered) my hobbies along the way. I will forever be thankful that I had the chance to start becoming a young adult in Paris out of all cities in the world. For that reason this city will always be an incredibly special place, a second home for me.

Au Revoir Paris

There was an evening last week when I was sitting with two girls I love dearly under a full moon at Ile St. Louis, watching the sun set and listening to a street artist when it suddenly all became real. Paris is truly something special, because of the beauty of the city, the changes that happened within myself while living there, the friends found along the way, and all of the memories made. I am so happy that I got to share my experience with you all this year, and just want to say thank you so much for sticking along on the ride.

Au Revoir Paris

I can’t wait to begin sharing my plans for next year with you all, but today I thought it was important to look back. Paris, I love you forever and always, for your summer day picnics and for the cozy halls of the Orsay on a winter day. For letting me get caught in my first true downpour in early fall, and for lifting my winter spirits when the first blossoms of spring arrived. For the hours of conversations in cafes with friends, and for the quiet nights that I sat on my kitchen counter gazing out the window into the night sky. For music filled metro rides, and a butt like I have never had before from taking all those stairs. And for making me the young, hopeful, and inspired woman I am as I leave you now. Paris, je t’aime!

Au Revoir Paris

And thank you to you all, my loyal readers! Here’s to all that is to come. 


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  • Alfredo Ciano

    Very Emotional Words My Dear Julia : from Paris to the World for the Trip into the Life…True Art in This Post , Congratulations !!!

    • Julia

      Thank you!

      • Alfredo Ciano

        Have Magc Moments , lol !!!

  • Kristy Harper

    Amazing. Good luck on your journey and keep travelling! It’s the one thing in life that make me feel enriched and happy and it looks like you’ve found it too! <3

    Kristy x

    • Julia

      I’m so glad we both have! Thanks for reading Kristy :)

  • life is a shoe

    amazing photos! I miss Paris so much!


    • Julia

      Same!! Thank you and thanks for reading :)

  • Paris is my favourite city! It is my dream to live there someday. That is great you got to move there for a short while to experience it :)

    • Julia

      I hope you make it some day! Such an amazing place :)

  • Rosa Oliva
  • I left France after spending about 2 months there in Dec-Feb this year (majority of the trip in Paris) and I miss it terribly! I ache to go back…once bitten by the travel bug, there’s nothing you can do as they say! I totally understand what you mean. Despite staying for a much shorter time than you, I got the same special and magical vibe from the stunning city of lights.

    xx Carina

    • Julia

      Once you get the travel bug it just never goes away, so true! Girl we just both have to make it back ASAP to visit, seriously missing it :(

  • Gorgeous photos of Paris, I cant wait to visit!

    xx Falasha

    Bite My Fashion ll Instagram ll Bloglovin’

  • emi

    so bittersweet! just left paris after a week and THAT was hard!


    • Julia

      Totally! Such a special place :)

  • Tracy

    Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Paris is a perfect destination, no matter the season!

    • Julia

      Thanks girl! I totally agree :)

  • Andrea

    Loved this post, you have only made my love for Paris stronger! Thank you so much for sharing your adventures this year with us and I hope to see many more!

    • Julia

      Thank you so much for following along!!

  • Mlle Coconath

    I love the pictures!! Makes me miss Paris so much!


    Mademoiselle Coconath

    • Julia

      Thank you so much! You’re not alone girl, I miss it too !!

  • wendy

    Paris is such a beautiful city! <3


    • Julia

      Yes it is!

  • We didn’t speak much in high school, but I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been following your posts for the past few weeks and think they’re superb! Also, have you ever done a post on book recommendations?

    • Julia

      Hey Leesa! Thanks for following along! No I haven’t but I’ve been considering doing a post on “Books To Inspire Wanderlust”. Any recs for me? :)

      • I’ve been so hell-bent on moving to London for much of my life. The Shopaholic series is my guilty pleasure, though I haven’t gotten to read the last few books yet. And “The Paris Wife” was a really good (sad) read.

        • Julia

          So do it! I was hell bent on Paris and just decided to go :)

          Oh my I’ve read those too, I loved them (and Sophie Kinsella in general). I’ve looked up The Paris Wife and it looks great, that’ll be a book going on the list :)

  • Joy Shiness
  • Time for a new adventure for you! I’ll be in Paris for the weekend so I’ll say hello for you

    Krissie x –

    • Julia

      Please do and have lots of fun! :)

  • Michelle

    Just came across your blog and I love the black/pink colour scheme and your navigation bar! Paris is definitely on my bucket list…

    -Michelle xx

    instagram: @pastellights (

    • Julia

      Thank you so much! Always love feedback on the layout :)

      You must visit one days, it’s just magical :)

  • THE FEELS!! 😀 lol. Seriously though, such a great post. I kind of feel the same way about Paris and so I totally understand what you mean. Luckily for me I only live in London and it only takes a few hours on the train to get there so I can visit pretty often.

    • Julia

      Thanks Robert! That’s what I keep saying to myself, Germany next year isn’t tooo far away 😀

  • Aww, just reading this post gave me the feels!! I can’t wait to see where you go next. I felt the same way when I first left NYC for Scotland to go to university (yet here I am, blogging again from NYC for the summer). Take comfort in knowing that Paris isn’t going anywhere. Bon voyage et bon chance avec tous ce qui se passe en suite! xx
    – Pia

    • Julia

      Ahh merci beaucoup! Haha no worries girl I get you, I’m back in LA for a month in a few weeks and could honestly not be more excited. :)

  • Beautiful pictures of the city! Paris really is such a magical place!

    • Julia

      Could not agree more Courtney! Thanks for reading :)

  • What a thoughtful, lovely post! I felt the same when I left England a few weeks ago – discovering new places and meeting new people away from home is the best way to know ourselves better and shape our personalities more I think. I’m sure you’ll come back to Paris one day, and it’ll be the best feeling ever for you! 😉

    Julia xx
    | |

    • Julia

      Hey Julia, cool name 😀 I totally agree, so well spoken. And thank you so much for reading!

  • Rakel
  • DJ

    Very well expressed, Julia. You have certainly learned a lot in the last 12 months and I have enjoyed reading about it. From another who loves Paris and is returning there for a holiday in September. All the best for the next part of your adventures.

    • Julia

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I hope you enjoy your visit in September, I know I’m already looking forward to my return :)