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Hello my lovely readers! Seeing that I spend so much time on the internet each day, I thought it would be cool to start showing you some of the cool stuff I find. As you can see, I’m a huge fan of food. Also, through this series you’ll start to see what websites I love, and what inspires me. And for future link loves, feel free to comment below with links that you love, or even your own website! I’m always looking to discover new things.

So without further ado, my favorite links from this week:

#1: 13 Organization Hacks That Actually Work, article published by

Perfect for anybody looking for some cheap ways to get things organized. I love the idea for shoe storage, and will most definitely be referring back to this article when I arrive in Paris.


In my look for a French blog to read up on what to expect out of the next year, I stumbled upon this one. While the original blog is written completely in French, there’s an English version as well. I’m not completely ready yet for the French one! It’s excellent, and if you sign up you’ll get an email every time there’s an event in the city. :)

#3: A Groovy Kale Smoothy From Us To You, article published by

The reason I included this in my link love is because for once, a kale smoothie rather than a kale juice. Not owning a juicer, I always love it when people give out old-fashioned smoothie recipes. This one looks so yummy and fresh for summer, and you can bet that I will be trying it out ASAP.

#4: 7 Truly Genius Ways To Wear Boyfriend Jeans, article published by

Having just bought my first pair of boyfriend jeans this week, this article came as a blessing! I love how they gave such a variety of looks, making sure to include something for every type of girl. My personal favorite is the one with the green parka, pictured above in the collage.

#5: BooBoo and Her Group Of Guinea Pig Friends, article published by

Cute, yet pointless pictures of adorable animals. Enough said!

#6: Beauty Bites: Yogurt Confetti, article published by

A delicious, simple, and healthy recipe! I made this in about two minutes this week, using frozen blueberries and honey greek yogurt. Incredibly refreshing on a hot summer day, and guilt free if you’re craving a midnight snack.

#7: Are “Fashion Blogger Boyfriends” Even Happy Taking Our Photos?, article published by

This was really eye-opening for me, and I found so much truth in it. Some of the thoughts expressed in this article had even crossed my own mind at some points, and I was glad to not be the only one that felt this way. An absolute must read, it really makes you think about the whole act of taking photos for a blog, and a blog’s growth itself!

#8: The Only Chocolate Chip Cookie I Will Ever Need To Know How To Make, article published by

Just read it; even if you never end up making the cookies, I guarantee that you will be drooling once you’ve scrolled through. Personally, I will soon be dedicating a day to these bad-boys.

#9: Flan With Crunchy Sugar Tops, article published by

Yeah, I’m sure you can tell by now that I love recipes. Flan is one of my favorite foods, and while this recipes is currently out of my skill range I am up for the challenge. I already spy a huge mess in the kitchen though! :)

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