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Every since I stopped both my gluten-free eating and 12+ weekly hours of intensive swimming workouts within a 2 week span last June, I’ve been having some major problems with my eating and exercise habits. You see, I’ve never been an extremely “clean” eater or anything like that; I enjoy ice cream and (gluten free) pizza as much as any other person. However, it was a lifestyle I could keep up burning through 2,000+ calories in an average workout. That, and being gluten free automatically cut down on my calorie intake, because suddenly I had an “excuse”, and “good reason” to refuse the birthday cake at 2AM. But, this lifestyle, the one I had become used to, was one I could not keep up once I stopped working out completely. I could eat whatever, whenever, and it would not effect or harm me. Sadly, this is a habit that my body still doesn’t want to break, over half a year later. This has resulted in weight gain, anxiety (which leads to more stress eating), bad skin, and extreme insecurity. I used to have a body I love, and now it’s gone. But after yet another late night binge tonight, I have come to the conclusion that things really do need to change. I cannot keep on eating, even after my stomach has began to hurt. I cannot obsess constantly about food, depriving myself all day and then gorging at night. I want to work out again, get a level of fitness back, have energy when I wake up in the morning. And this is by no means only to lose weight; I just want to feel good about myself again, to not always be bloated and sluggish, and wondering what everybody else is thinking. So with this slightly personal inner battle finally having been shared, I want to put forth a plan for a better, more healthy me! Click to read more.

  1. Work out 5 days a week. This is very doable, especially with the new job I will be starting soon. Each Sunday night, I’m going to sit down and write in on which days, and which times I want to exercise. The rest of life can be planned around it! No excuse not to go running when the bank of Seine is right there :)
  2. Lemon water every morning. Just a super easy trick I’ve read about to get metabolism going! Sounds yummy too :)
  3. Pack my own healthy snacks when I’m on the go. The other day I was so starving after class, that I devoured a coffee eclair. Instead, I want to start bringing along healthy things to munch down immediately, such as hard boiled eggs, freshly cut veggies, or a piece of fruit!
  4. Drink 5 Camelbaks worth of water a day. This should be an easy one. Does anybody else think it’s just so fun to drink the water through the straw? I also brought back chia seeds from the States (bless Whole Foods), and want to throw in 2-3 tablespoons a day. This will include the one I drink before lunch, and the one I drink right before dinner.
  5. Cut out all white (rice, bread, etc.) and un-natural sugars (chocolate, gummy candy, sweet drinks, etc.). The trick here is just for me not to buy it. Pretty soon I’ll be preparing three meals a day for myself meaning I buy all my groceries. The bad stuff simply won’t find its way into my kitchen!
  6. No carbs after lunch. Shouldn’t be a problem, in the summer a salad is my favorite dinner anyways. And whole wheat pasta for lunch is okay, so honestly who’s complaining?
  7. No snacking after dinner. Honestly, I think this is going to be the hardest one for me. After dessert (yoghurt with agave syrup or a piece of fruit), I’m going to brush my teeth and stick with tea. 
  8. Detox tea before bed. I honestly love this stuff (and am drinking a cup now!). Helps me feel nice and clean, and gets things moving in the morning (if ya know what I mean).
  9. 3 tablespoons of coconut oil a day. This one will become easier once I’ll start using only coconut oil to cook my own meals, but for now I’ll eat it straight from the spoon. It fills you up too!
  10. Don’t restrict, just think. Honestly, I can’t deal with tiny portion sizes, because then I become convinced that I need 5. So, I won’t cut down, but instead of eating chocolate truffles when I’m bored, I’ll munch on a carrot.
  11. Eat slooowwwwwwwww. A quite disgusting habit I have developed in France is devouring my food without 10 minutes. Eating slow is literally excruciating torture for me, but something I have to start doing.
  12. Sit down and make yourself enjoy each thing you it. Make it an eating event! This means not just eating the carrot, but cutting it up, putting it on a plate, and, better yet, enjoying a warm cup of tea with it. I feel like that will make the eating experience a lot more fulfilling.
  13. Sunday night = prep night! Part of the reason I eat so bad is because I have no time to prepare healthy and good snacks during the week. So, Sunday night I want to dedicate to hard boiling eggs, cutting up vegetables and storing them in plastic baggies, and maybe even pre-cooking some brown rice. Voila!
  14. Be inspired. Instead of looking up pictures of junk food and thinking of how much I’m craving chocolate, I’m going to look up healthy recipes instead, and look at running tips. The Pinterest board has already been created :)
  15. BE POSITIVE, BE PATIENT, BE KIND. Healthy eating and fitness is a journey, one without immediate results, a lot of mental power, and quite frankly a quite discouraging one at times. There will be fall back moments (who isn’t craving chocolate when they come home tipsy at 3 in the morning?), but those are to be learned from and moved on from.

And wowzers, here we go! Who’s in and wants to become fitness buddies? 😀 Wish me luck, and best of luck to those embarking on fitness journeys of their own. :)


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  • Linsey Sijmons

    That’s a good goal!! Good luck :)

    xxx Linsey from

    can also check my BLOGLOVIN & FACEBOOK if you
    like! :)

  • ani

    Julia! Want you want to do is great! I wish you the best and hope you feel more comfortable with yourself. You’re an amazing girl and with your ambition you could do it :)
    The girl who will see you in 24 days ♡