Leave LA Behind And Go To Joshua Tree

Despite Joshua Tree being a mere 2 1/2 (or, let’s face it, with the usual traffic, 3-4) hour drive away from Los Angeles, when you step out of your car upon arrival, you’ll feel like you’ve entered another world. Gone are the buildings and asphalt of the city; the small towns surrounding the park and the open desert look like a different America. And here is why you should take that drive, and leave Los Angeles behind for the weekend.

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Joshua Tree is a great place to get lost in your thoughts. Named after the Joshua Trees that are scattered abundantly throughout the park, the endless open space will make you feel like you can finally breathe again (even if the views are breathtaking). As you drive through, roll down the windows and take in the desert air. We stopped in spots we thoughts were beautiful (trust me, there are a lot), and just took our time climbing around on the rocks and wandering around. For the soundtrack for the ride, I recommend the U2 album Joshua Tree (the band wrote it after being inspired by the park, and it fits perfectly), or the desert vibes from The Killers’ Greatest Hits album.

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Right outside of the national park, you’ll find the small city of Twentynine Palms. After a day spent wandering through the park, treat yourself to an incredible meal from The Rib Co. (website here!). Their spare-ribs are to die for, and exactly what you need after a day spent outdoors. It’ll get messy, but it is truly 100% worth it.

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And I promise, when you return to the hustle and the bustle of the city, you’ll feel like you’ve centered yourself again. There is something that is just so incredibly soothing about being in that desert space.

Thank you so much for reading! xx Julia

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