Jardin Des Plantes

This post is starting off on a very happy note because not only did I have a better Easter (Three Day) Weekend than I could have ever imagined during my first year away from home, but ExploresMore also hit 500 followers on Bloglovin’ tonight!! So before I dive into telling you guys all about my *spring has finally arrived and I hope it doesn’t get cold again* Sunday at the lovely Jardin des Plantes, I want to say thank you, thank you so much for following along on the ride. I have been blown away by the amount of growth this blog has experienced in the past two weeks alone. So once again, thank you, and click through to finally get through the sappy stuff and onto reading about a very beautiful place you should visit if you are ever in Paris. :)


I became a fan of Jardin des Plantes after my very first visit last November (mind you, when winter had already began and everything was already dead). Not only are the gardens perfectly manicured (even when there isn’t much growing), but there’s also a zoo, the Natural History Museum, and, my personal favorite, the Galerie de Paléontologie et D’Anatomie Comparée. However, during this last visit, I was greeted by a place a thousand times more beautiful than ever before. Spring was in the air, absolutely everywhere. The trees where beginning to get their blossoms, flowers growing in the fields, and green showing up in the trees again. Parents had brought their kids out for Sunday walks, and joggers were running around in non-thermal gear (and kudos to anyone who goes jogging on a day I justify eating extra chocolate).


Here are some highlights of the Gardens & tips, whether you are visiting during the spring or any other time of year:

  • Check out the Blossom Dome. In the spring, theres a tree that has grown into a dome, and during springtime you can’t even see out when you’re inside due to the thousands of white blossoms.
  • If you’re visiting on a Sunday, get out at Ligne 7 Jussieu and buy a picnic at the farmers market. Freshly baked pita bread, juicy apples, and an assortment of ready-to-eat treats will make your experience in Jardin des Plantes a gourmet one.
  • Visit one of the many science museums (most with free entrance for EU Citizens under 26).
  • Breath in some fresh air. The park is slightly outside of “mainstream” Paris, meaning that visiting will literally allow you to breathe better (also why so many runners visit).
  • After you’re done (and say you have stuffed your face and now need to walk it off), exit at Galerie Paléontologie and turn left once you see the river. Walk along the banks heading towards Notre Dame. Not only will you soon be at the Cathedral, but there’s also a lovely sculpture garden along the riverbank.

So if you do find yourself in Paris currently or soon, please do yourself a favor and visit. I promise, it will not dissapoint! And to convince you some more, just look at these photos:

Thanks for reading! As always, comment below with any Paris recs. I am always dying to learn of new ones! So excited for the posts coming up this week, I was quite a tourist in my own city this past weekend. :)


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