January Roundup

The first month of 2017 is officially done, and I’m looking forward to moving onward. While I did have a great month (lots of blog growth, a super fun weekend trip) January honestly just kind of dragged on. It’s been super cold in Munich and I’ve been less than unmotivated to study for exams. I’m excited for February, exams are wrapping up and I’m heading to Los Angeles to start an exciting two month internship at a thriving German/American PR Agency. But first, let’s take a look back at January, I have lots to share!

BeFunky Collage

» Monthly Favorites «

  • Anything velvet → As you might have been able to see on my Instagram, I have been obsessing over a velvet pink top I bought at H&M early this month (can’t find it online, sorry!!). I’m getting super excited to pair it with some trousers when I’m home, and have been layering it with Ts for now. I’ve been brainstorming a DIY with velvet that I’ll hopefully be able to share with you all this month!
  • New makeup obsessions → January was a new-product-rich month. I go through phases – I won’t buy anything new for months and then all of a sudden I discover so many to products. This months I’ve been loving:
    • Urban Decay’s NAKED Skin Foundation → Not only is this one of the only foundations that goes with my currently very pale skin tone, but it has a perfect light-medium coverage and protects my skin from the dry winter air. (here)
    • Lily England Eye Makeup Brush Set → I had been on the lookup for some new (& affordable) makeup brushes, and I couldn’t resist when this brand popped up on my Instagram feed. Not only are the brushes super budget friendly, but they are also of tip top quality and gorgeous to boot. (here)
    • Catrice Highlighting Powder → I’d had my eye on this highlighting powder for months (my two best friends both use it), and this month I finally handed over the cash. I love it, it gives a perfect glow without being too shimmery (Shade 01, Light Infusion). (here)
    • NYX Lingerie Lip Creme → I picked up this baby in the shade Embellishment before a night out, and have, I kid you not, worn it every day since. I’ve finally found a darker lip color that I can pull off on a daily basis!! (here)
  • Marble → I’ve had a growing obsession with marble over the past year. This month I added some to my collection-my mom kindly gave me a marble cheese platter that we had at home and I’ve started displaying my nail polishes on top of it. It just looks so simple, yet so cool. (similar here)
  • Graphic Ts → I’ve starting being on the lookout for cool graphic tshirts, as I finally realized that they can add a little something extra to my usually monochrome wardrobe. A current favorite is this purple Topshop one (pictured above).
  • Professional polish → This entire month I’ve had one polish on my nails, and that is Essence’s Colour & Care Polish in 03 Happy Nails. Not only does this polish last for almost an entire week, but it’s also the prettiest light pink color, making it perfect for the office. (here)
  • Cold weather essentials → Forgive me for possible sounding the most Californian that I ever will on this blog, but this winter caught me by surprise…it is cold. Although it’s my third winter in Europe, this one in Munich has just been something else. We’ve had nonstop temperatures around -11C and there’s been snow on the ground since I landed from Los Angeles the first week of January. I’ve learned to layer, and have been wrapped up in three jackets and a blanket scarf similar to this one (same brand even) on the daily. On days where I really don’t feel like dealing with the cold, I also grab some mittens and put on this beanie (mens winter wear is the best). Brr!

BeFunky Collage 2

» January Happenings «

  • Weekend in Augsburg→ At the beginning of January, right before exam stress became too much, I decided to take a weekend off of doing anything and head to Augsburg to visit a dear friend. We had the most incredible weekend, grabbing coffees around town, taking long walks in the snow and having the best night out I’ve had in a while at Hallo Werner, a bar/club located in the heart of the city. There’s just something so refreshing on hitting pause and spending that time with a person you don’t get to see everyday. The experience was so special and has helped me get through exam time that much better.
  • Library time → As you might have been able to guess, the rest of the month was spent for a large part either at uni or in a library (literally where I am writing this post from right now). While exams do stress me out, I also in a weird sense enjoy this “phase” (as we call it in Germany) that happens twice a year. I’m pretty good at regularly working (see this post) on whatever I have to get done, and spending so much time hitting the books really makes you appreciate your free time more. Not going to lie though, I am so ready for 3-4 months of doing almost nothing but swim, BBQ and see friends during the summer semester.
  • Long walks in the snow → Ahh, snow. The novelty still hasn’t worn off for me, I’m still surprised every time I look out a window and just see white everywhere. This meant lots of long walks with friends this month, who thankfully don’t mind the cold either. :)



» Reading, Listening and Watching «

  • Reading → I’ve been good with reading this month, probably because I’ve been putting off studying for exams. I read and loved The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware (here), a thriller that takes place on a cruise ship (but you’ll honestly never see the end coming). Furthermore, I read Something Blue by Emily Griffin (here), having loved her other book Something Borrowed (here). I flew through it, it made for perfect reading after long days.
  • Listening → I’ve been discovering and loving so so many new songs this month! First up → the LaLa Land soundtrack. Not only have I seen the movie twice at this point (read below), but I can’t get enough of the soundtrack. There’s just something that makes me so happy about those bright voices and jazzy beats. Furthermore, I’ve been listening to Paris (The Chainsmokers), Roses (Outkast), NbHD (One Republic) and Electric Love (BORNS, Oliver remix) on repeat. All upbeat songs that always make me smile. See my playlist of the moment here!
  • Watching → Guys, LaLa Land. It blew me away, there was just something about it. I don’t even like Los Angeles, but even this movie made me love like the city I grew up in for a little bit again. The colors, the actors, the lights, the songs, everything. Just go and see it. As a linguistics student I also really enjoyed Arrival; very interesting to see my field in practice. And as for late night binge watching goes, I’ve started re-watching Brooklyn-Nine-Nine. Let me tell you, exactly as hilarious the second time around.
  • Quote → I read this quote in a bathroom stall in Augsburg, and went back the next day to photograph it, that’s how much I love it. “You still dream about the people lost in your memory, fabricated by your nostalgia and romanticized by your broken heart”

Thank you for reading and I hope everybody has a great start into February. What were some of your favorite things about January? xx Julia

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  • Such a fun January roundup! I can’t believe that we are already halfway through February!

    The Style Scribe

    • Same, the time is just flying by!!

  • Can’t believe that we are well into February already either! Loving everything about this January roundup though!

    The Style Scribe

  • I’ve haven’t seen La La Land yet but it sounds like its everywhere!! Also, I get what you’re saying about the cold… it’s cold here in Scotland but there isn’t even any snow. I’m v jealous of your snowy walks!

    xx, Pia

    • Ahh you have to go and see Lala Land! I’m seriously still obsessed with it over a month later.