If You Do 5 Things In Amsterdam, Do These

Amsterdam easily counts as one of my favorite cities I’ve ever visited. I was blown away during my first visit back in 2014, and was once again in bliss when I visited this past fall.

Seeing that I gave you guys a plethora of in-depth posts last time I visited, I thought that this time it would be nice to share something shorter: a simple list of 5 things I think any visitor needs to do during a visit. For me, this list of 5 accurately captures the vibes of the city and its many diverse parts. Enjoy!

amsterdam 1

  1. Start your day with a coffee at a sidewalk café. Watch the city slowly come to life and get some caffeine (and breakfast if you please) into your body for the day to come. I recommend Van Harte for a delicious latte and a table right on the street (website here).
  2. Shop the little boutiques on the 9 Streets. Time and time again, I can’t get enough of the design shops and little Dutch clothing boutiques. Also take this time to walk up and down surrounding side streets, there are so many little art galleries to be found!

Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 7.33.58 AM

3. Forget eating in a restaurant for lunch. Instead, head into a grocery store (such as Albert Heijn), buy food for a picnic, and set up camp by a canal. Trust me, it’s so much nicer slathering your baguette with Dutch cheese and watching the boats go by than it is to sit inside a restaurant.

amsterdam 4

4. Take in some culture after your morning of shopping and exploring. Either walk or hop on a bike to the Museumplein, a grassy public space that’s home to the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and more. More on art culture in Amsterdam here.

5. End the day with a dinner in De Pijp, one of the most vibrant districts of the city. I came here with my Dutch friend after she had received recommendations to check out the neighborhood. We were not disappointed, and the streets were overflowing with fellow students and young adults. We had a massive meal at Bazar (check it out here), an African & Middle Eastern restaurant located in an old church. It was recommended by friends, and is not to be missed.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Thank you so much for reading! x Julia

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  • Great recommendations! Amsterdam is so lovely with all the flowers and cafes by the canal. It’s perfect for long walks/strolls.

  • Amsterdam is stunning, I would love to travel there someday. SO much personality and history in one city.

    McKenzie |

    • I totally agree! That’s why I love it so much as well, plus the infrastructure is unlike anything I’ve ever seen as well.

  • Reading this made me want to visit Amsterdam even more! All of these are really nice tips to REALLY enjoy the city & my favorite is to shop at the grocery for a little picnic! Loved reading this xx

    Kaylee ?ㅣJK’s Dawn

    • Ah thanks so much for your lovely comment Julia! The picnic is my favorite as well, it’s such a simple idea but ends up being so much fun.

  • Eliana Borges

    Very nice post!


  • I’m dying to go to Amsterdam, it’s so close but we’ve still not been. Fingers crossed that it’ll be next on our list after we go to Prague in April!

    Gemma x
    The Gem Agenda

    • Ah Prague, I’m so jealous! I’ve wanted to go for ages.

  • love this post , really helpful !! cool photos
    also check out my blog

  • I wanted to check out Bazar during my last trip to Amsterdam and never made it! I have to make sure I get there next time.

    • You most definitely do! It was so delicious.