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In decorating my apartment, I took great care when it came to incorporating items from my travels. Even now, I look for items that will remind me of place I have been to, or will inspire me in visiting new destinations. Today I’ve put together a list of places I like to use to find travel related decors items. Enjoy!

Firstly, you can pick find items to decorate even while still traveling. I have a canal house candle from Amsterdam, and have collected pretty images from French magazines (all of this can be seen here). And, never under estimate how wonderfully postcards can decorate. Some are so beautiful that I consider them prints (and they all cost less than 2 Euros). :) However, today I wanted to share online resources for travel decor.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 2.29.32 PM


  1. This website offers beautiful, incredibly detailed hand-drawn prints of major cities. The Paris one has been on my wish list for over a year.
  2. A scratch-off map is perfect if you want daily motivation to travel more.
  3. If you’re looking for coffee table decor, I love this. Have your friends add their ideas as well!
  4. Cute retro-style city prints.
  5. Obsessed with these foil prints of city skylines and underground systems.
  6. Candles that smell like places. Transport yourself to your favorite destinations while sitting on your couch!
  7. Buying this for next year!

I hope you guys have found some inspiration. Personally, I could spend hours online going through travel prints. Thanks for reading and much love, Julia :)

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  • I have the scratch map and totally love it. Make you itch even more to go travelling and get places scratched off!

    Leonie ♥ Lo On The Go

    • I totally agree! Like a visual bucket list. :)