Getting Ready For Oktoberfest

It’s that time of year again: Oktoberfest! I attended my first Oktoberfest a year ago, and oh boy was I clueless before the whole thing began. However, I still ended up having the time of my life, it was the perfect start to studying in Munich. Today I wanted to share some information about the Oktoberfest and tips for attending. If you have the chance, it’s not something you want to miss out on. Enjoy! :)

Oktoberfest is an annual festival held in Munich, Germany that takes place over the course of two weeks, spreading from the end of September to the beginning of October. Originally held as the wedding party for the Bavarian Prince Ludwig in 1810, the festival has continued ever since. Today it’s held at Munich’s Theresienwiese, called Wiesn by locals. Yearly, thousands and thousands of tourists pile into the city to be a part of the festival. The festival consists of the famous beer “tents” (more like temporary houses), carnival rides, food, and much more.


Some advice:

  • Book accommodation early! Prices skyrocket in Munich around Oktoberfest time.
  • There are no entrance fees for Oktoberfest! However, it’s very hard to get a table in the tents after about 2pm, let alone even get into a tent. Be patient and on the lookout for seats. The grounds close at around 11pm.
    • Inside the tents it’s a ton of fun, with live bands playing both today’s hits and traditional Bavarian music. People get up on the benches and start dancing around.
    • If you get too rowdy, are caught chugging your beer or are caught playing drinking games, you will be immediately asked to leave your table.
  • If you want to be dressed like the locals, get yourself a Dirndl (for women) or Lederhosen (traditionally worn by men, but more and more frequently by women as well). The Dirndl consists of the dress, the blouse and an apron. The dress shouldn’t be too short, ideally at or below the knees. For men, the Lederhose itself is key, along with the checkered shirt to go underneath.
    • Ladies, Dirndl aprons are tied according to relationship status!
      • Right = In a realationship
      • Left = Single
      • Middle front = Virgin
      • Middle back = Widow
  • Round up the cost of the beer as tip. This year a liter of beer (called a Maß) costs around 10.50, to be prepared to hand over 11 or 12 Euros per round.
  • Beer is much stronger at the Oktoberfest. This being said, be careful and know how much you can handle. You won’t be able to chug as much as you usually do so take it slow.
  • No backpacks allowed in this year for security reasons. Ladies, come with only a small purse and men a wallet in the pocket. A lot gets stolen each year, so you’ll really want to watch your things.
  • You aren’t allowed to bring outside alcohol inside, and this will be controlled by security at every entrance.
  • Here is information on how to take public transit to the Oktoberfest.

And not to sound like your mom, but most of all, have fun!! Oktoberfest is an awesome experience, one I think everybody should have at some point in their lives. And hey, maybe see a few of you there. 😉 Much love, Julia

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  • We’re headed to Oktoberfest this year, and this post made me so excited for our trip! I had no idea that how you tie your dirndl shows your marital status! I’ll be sure to tie mine on the right!

    • Ah how exciting! Have so so much fun :)