Exploring the Nymphenburg Palace

On an exceptionally warm day at the end of August, my mother and I made our way over to the Nymphenburg Palace, an old estate located right outside of the city center. Easy to reach with public transportation, we spent a wonderful afternoon roaming the castle grounds, savoring the shady walkways and an iced coffee when even the groves got too warm to bear. Here are some photos from that day, along with bits of advice, should you ever find yourself with the chance to visit.


Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 7.49.25 PMIMG_8718



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We ended up being so transfixed by the gorgeous gardens that we never ended up making it inside any buildings. From the peeks I took through windows, the decorations rivaled that of Versailles, but I was perfectly content with just discovering the little nooks and crannies throughout the outdoor grounds. My favorites were the little cottages scattered throughout the estate. There was everything, from a house that was so girly and pink that it looked like it could have been occupied by fairies, to a house with such gothic, dark, and generally falling apart decor that I expected a wicked witch to step out at any moment. There were little rivers all over, and lush walkways along the main one that led straight up to the palace.



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If you ever get tired of wandering, be sure to check out the lovely garden café. They serve everything from full meals to cakes to ice cold beers. And the staff is especially friendly (I have a dear friend who works there).

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Happy holidays and much love out of a rainy Los Angeles!


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