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Hello my lovely readers! Today’s post is all about the beauty products I have picked up so far during my trip to Europe. Usually when I visit I immediately load up on European products, but am then left with a lot of stuff I either can’t use (allergic reactions, thanks sensitive skin) or just don’t end up using for whatever reason. So, this summer I decided to take on a slightly different attitude. I have only been purchasing products I truly need, things I’ve been wanting to try out for a while, or the occasional product that just really grabbed my attention. And this is the round up! Click read more if you are interested in reading a mini-review of each one, and seeing where exactly you too can purchase them.


Soap & Glory Glad Hair Day Shampoo and Conditioner — Shampoo & Conditioner

I picked these two up at the Boots in London Heathrow’s Terminal 1. For US purchasers, I’d use the store locator on the website to see if it’s sold anywhere near you. When browsing the Boots, these two immediately jumped out at me, because I had no clue that Soap and Glory made shampoo and conditioner! I immediately decided to purchase them, because I’m a huge fan of the brand to begin with. Going into the products themselves, I must say that I like the shampoo a lot more than the conditioner. Both smell great (as all Soap and Glory products do), but the shampoo is the true standout when it comes to performance. It lathers well, and keeps my hair clean for a good 2-3 days (and smelling yummy!). However, the conditioner doesn’t do much. It doesn’t keep my hair tangle free which was a bit disappointing, nor do I see a difference compared to if I’d use a different, cheaper one. So, long story short: the shampoo is 100% worth it, but I’d skip its counterpart.


Soap & Glory The Fab Pore Triple Action Purifying T-Zone Cloths — purchase here

I picked these up completely on a whim, because Boots was having a 3 for 2 deal going on, meaning I got these for free with the shampoo and conditioner! I ended up liking these a lot, which surprised me. See, my skin is extremely sensitive, so there are almost no makeup wipes out there that I can actually use. However, when I use these after washing my face (to get off any excess makeup), not only does my skin feel clean, but it also doesn’t break out. And as an added bonus, they smell amazing. :) Highly recommend these, and for any UK readers: they’re on sale now at Boots!


Balea Soft & Clear Intensiv-Schutz Nachtcreme — purchase here

I’m afraid to say that this one might only be available to German readers or people visiting Germany, because it’s a part of DM’s (the main drugstore in Germany) own skincare line. That being said though, to any German readers, this good quality product is readily available and inexpensive for those who want to try it out. This isn’t the first Balea product I’ve used, and like the others I’ve been very impressed with this one. I broke out pretty bad after traveling for over 24 hours, and this really helped calm down my T-Zone (with the help of the Soap & Glory wipes). For those who can’t rad German, it’s an anti-acne gel that works overnight to reduce redness and swelling. Highly recommend this product along with the whole Balea line for anybody looking for good skincare!


Kamill Hand & NagelCreme — purchase here

This hand and nail cream has quickly become a holy grail product for me. I originally grabbed it at the drugstore because it was inexpensive (79 cents I believe) and because I had seen it in my grandmas bathroom before (meaning it must be at least a little good). After my first night of using it, I was completely blown away. This hand cream absorbs quickly, and leaves my the skin all over my hands pleasantly soft. A must for anyone who suffers from dry hands and nails, I know that I personally will use this one for many years to come. It’s rated Germany’s #1 hand cream for a good reason!


Ebelin Nail Polish Remover — purchase here

This acetone-free nail polish remover is comparable to my beloved Up & Up Dip-It polish remover. However, I must say that I have come to like this one more. Not only does it smell better than the Target one I usually buy, but it’s also a lot more gentle on the nails. They aren’t left as brittle and dried out after I’m done removing my polish. I highly recommend this inexpensive product to anyone, especially if you are traveling this summer (it doesn’t requite any cotton pads!).

Bepanthol Lipstick — purchase here

I’ve been waiting quite a while to get my hands on this one, and was so happy when I finally found it in a Flensburg drugstore. Being a huge fan of the whole Bepanthol skincare line, I was pretty sure I would not be disappointed by their lip-care line. And thankfully, right I was! This wears just like a normal chapstick does, clear on the lips. It smells great, but warning: it doesn’t taste too good. That being said though, I do love it, and it’s very moisturizing. I try to avoid wearing chapstick during the day, so I apply this every night before I go to bed. It takes care of my lips all throughout the next day! :)

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