Best Day Trips From Munich, Part 1

One of the things I love so much about living in Munich is that the location is so central, making it easy to travel (even just for a day!). While I hadn’t planned on it, in the past year I’ve taken quite a few day trips, leaving in the morning with a coffee in the train and being back in time for bed. I’ve come up with a list and wanted to start sharing these place a bit at a time, as I accumulate more cities I’ve visited as well. In today’s post I’ll be highlighting Neuschwanstein, Augsburg, SalzburgNuremberg and Dachau. Enjoy!

daytrips 2

1. Neuschwanstein – Literally a castle out of a fairytale. About two hours outside of the city by bus, Neuschwanstein is something you can’t miss, both seeing the castle and the pretty views from all around. Any time of year is magical, although I’ve heard that people think it’s especially beautiful when covered in snow. Be sure to book a tour of the castle in advance, you can’t just walk in! You can either walk up to the castle or take a shuttle. 

2. Augsburg – Only about 40 minutes away from Munich by train, Augsburg is the perfect city to explore by foot over the course of a day. Don’t miss checking out the Augsburg Cathedral and the town hall. Inside the town hall there’s a room called the “Goldener Saal“, a ceremonial room decorated entirely in gold. If you have a sweet tooth, grab a scoop of ice cream at Eiscafé Tutti Frutti. Yum! :)

daytrips 1
daytrips 5 3. Salzburg – Salzburg is super easy to travel to for a day, either by bus or by train. The city is absolutely gorgeous, I had my camera out all day. My favorite part of the visit was climbing up to the Hohensalzburg Castle, the views from up there were breathtaking. Once you’re up, don’t skip on touring the inside as well, the old rooms will make you feel like you’re in a historical movie. I also enjoyed St. Peter’s Abbey and walking through the “Altstadt“, the older and more historical part of the city. Top off your day of exploring with a warm piece of apple strudel. 

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4. Nuremberg – Nuremberg is not to be missed, especially during Christmas time. The Christmas market basically takes over the entire city, and has to be my favorite one of the world. While you’re there, be sure to grab some traditional Nuremberger Sausages at the Bratwursthäusle, one of the city’s most beloved restaurants. Next, spend the day just walking around. The city is perfect for any history buffs, as it used to be home to the Nazi Party Rally Grounds. If you’re in town during the Christmas season, a glass of warm Glühwein is a must as well!

5. Dachau – Dachau was the first concentration camp I ever visited, and I am so glad that I took a day to do so. Concentration camps are terrible, but I think that it is so so good that the Germans haven’t torn them down, but rather preserved the grounds that they were on. While it’s difficult to have such a harrowing look into the past, it’s incredibly important to do so. When I went, I had a three hour guided walking tour which I highly recommend to anybody planning a visit. It was good because we got to hear stories that took place in the camp, and were able to understand more of what Dachau used to be.

Thank you so much for reading! Does anybody have any day trip recommendations from Munich? I’d love to hear them in the comments below.

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  • Anastasia Golovina

    So happy to come across your blog! Can’t stop reading through your posts:) and now I miss Germany a bit

    • Thank you so much Anastasia!

  • I love these photos, I used to live in Munich as a child and I have visited Germany recently so I’m feeling very nostalgic at these :)



    • Ah that’s so cool that you’ve lived here before! I wish I had had the chance to move here earlier, it’s simply such a beautiful city. :)

  • I’ve never been but one of my oldest friends, if I remember correctly has lived there before (or has been there so often) and she LOVES Munich. So I can’t share tips but I’d love to go there one day! Gorgeous photos as well :)

    Naomi in Wonderland

    • Ah Munich is so gorgeous!! And you deffo have to let me know in case you ever do visit :)