Back To School


Back to school you might ask? During your gap year Julia? Yes, you read the title correctly, back to school! Last week my French classes began, and I have been loving them (despite the early mornings after 4 months of sleeping in). Since I plan on coming out of this year speaking fluent French, I have been studying hard. But that doesn’t mean that my studies of Parisian style have fallen to the side! I’ve been going to class the past couple of days wearing a look that I like to think of being typically French: comfy pants, a sweater, and ankle boots. And of course, the large book bag to distinguish me as the student I am. Read on for more photos, outfit details, and to catch I glimpse of how I spent the day at the St. Martin Canals!


I’m calling it: give it a few years, and St. Martin will become like a second Marais. After spending an afternoon here, I am already charmed by the student life along the canal, the brightly painted houses, and the hidden side streets containing ample cafes and undiscovered boutiques. I highly recommend taking a day just to roam around this area and explore. It’s home to the famous Parisian clothing/lifestyle store Antoine et Lili, and offers many sites to see along the canal. Personally, I also love watching the water rush in and out of the canals, and popping into the numerous boutiques situated in the side streets. For lunch, my personal recommendation is Ari’s Bagels, a (as you probably guessed) bagel shop. While quite pricey (at least by my standards) at 7 Euros for a bagel (I got one with cream cheese, lox, and avocado), my meal was stellar, and tasted like home. Delicious, and not just by European standards (let’s face it: a good bagel is a rarity once you leave US borders).


I would also like to draw attention to my beloved new shoes. Found at Andre (a French shoe store), these ankle boots were exactly what I had spent ages looking for. They tie any outfit together in my opinion, are warm for the incoming cold season, durable, and comfortable for city walking. Comfort is top priority if you’re out and about in Paris! When it comes to Paris style in general as well, ankle boots are a must in anybody’s wardrobe. They are a basic staple that seamlessly transitions from day to night. Parfait!


Outfit details:

Sweater: Zara // Pants: J.Crew // Boots: Andre // Bag: Longchamp

Necklace: Vintage // Bracelets (turquoise/silver): Spain/Blue Lemon Paris // Watch: Fossil

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you guys end up checking out some of my recommendations in this neighborhood, and that you can take some school clothing inspiration from my simple combo. If you enjoyed reading, be sure to follow me on Bloglovin’, or by entering your email to the right! I also have a Twitter and an Instagram.

Quick: name one piece of comfy everyday clothing you can’t live without! For me, it’s sweaters and my LuluLemons.



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  • Such a nice post! Love that colourful street :)

    xoxo Iris

    A Dash Of Fash

    • Julia

      Thanks! Yes I love it too, it really brightens up the area! :)

  • Lovely outfit! Good luck with your french classes:) XX Laura

    • Julia

      Thank you!! :)

  • Beatrice Gaudreau

    Superbe photos!
    My comfiest piece of clothing is my jeggings, even if I know some people consider jeggings really lame, I love them !

    • Julia

      Don’t be ashamed, jeggings are amazing!! I have this really awesome pair from Target that actually look like real pants (like, actually, they are so believable), if you ever want to check those out :) Perfect for school and travel!!

  • pauliine

    I love your boots! Truly so beautiful!

    • Julia

      Thank you! 😀