Art Culture In Barcelona

I loved writing an art culture post for my visit to Amsterdam, so I thought I’d do the same for you all today about Barcelona. I was pleasantly surprised by the rich art culture in Barcelona. Street are bright with various paint colors, beautiful statues fill open squares, and music is almost always fills the air. Not to be missed when you visit Barcelona, so click through to read my full guide!

Art Culture In Barcelona

    1. Street art in Barri Gotic. I had the funnest time shooting in the little side streets. Some walls were painted so full that you could no longer see the original colors underneath! Expect traditional graffiti but also real drawings at times, with oftentimes empowering messages for the passerby.
    2. Live music around the Cathedral. My travel buddy and I always enjoyed watching/listening to all the melodic sounds. Some of the artists we saw included a whole band playing Spanish music for dancers in the Cathedral square, a mesmerizing guitar player, and two men singing opera. Just wander around the Cathedral and keep your ears alert, you can’t miss it.

Art Culture In Barcelona
Art Culture In Barcelona

3. Parc Guell. We all already know how much I love Parc Guell, but I had to include it in this post as well. For anybody who loves art and art culture, you can’t miss this place. It’s like stepping into a different world, where the funky tiles and wavy lines of architecture start to look more normal than the nature surrounding it. Also don’t miss some of the murals (such as the zebras pictured above) when making your way up the hill.

Art Culture In Barcelona

4. Art galleries around the city. My travel buddy and I would spend hours stumbling upon and wandering into the little art shops we found along the way. We had the most luck in Barri Gotic, where we found a store filled with hundreds of glass blown ornaments, and right next door a space filled with bizarre human-like statues.

Art Culture In Barcelona

5. Statues in every major square. In almost every square around the city (the empty spaces between buildings which is where you tend to find the outdoor bars and restaurant sitting areas) there is a huge piece of public art. For example the photo above, left half, was taken in the Placa George Orwell, where we sat and had our dinner each night. These statues are huge, make sure to take a second to stop and admire them.

Art Culture In Barcelona

6. Houses and shops along Avenue Diagonal. Walking Avenue Diagonal was one of the best choices we made during the whole trip. Designer shops and beautiful buildings along the way are enough to fill any art lovers soul. I loved this quote in the window at Valentino, and the house pictured above right by Sagrada Familia.

Hope you enjoyed this post, art lover or not! Question: when you travel, do you like to take in the art culture through the traditional museums or through life in general? My answer has to be life in general! I didn’t visit a single museum in Barcelona, but I adored soaking up the graffiti covered walls and gazing up at stunning buildings. Let me know what you think below and thanks for reading guys. :)


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  • Alfredo Ciano

    I Love the Latin Culture : Literature , Music , Theatre , Movies , Fashion World…

    • Julia

      It’s an amazing one! Just so rich in every way :)

  • felisha

    I looooved visiting Barcelona and now you’re giving me reasons to return!

    When I visited I took a walking tour to see Gaudi’s architecture and it was well worth it. You learn so many little things you’d miss by viewing it alone.

    • Julia

      Ohhh thanks for the rec! To be honest I kind of regret not taking a tour in Barcelona, I did one in Amsterdam and it was such a huge help throughout the entire trip :)

  • Lovely pictures from my city im glad that you like it!
    kisses from

    • Julia

      I loved it! Thank you and thanks for reading :)

  • This looks like so much fun!
    xx Elle

    New outfit post on: – Swedish Fashion Blogger and Model in TOKYO

    • Julia

      It was! Thanks for reading girl :)

  • Kelly M

    Great post! I especially love the zebra and jelly fish photos. Thank you for sharing!

    I’m blogging about similar things, check it out and let me know what you think:

    XO K

    • Julia

      Thanks for reading! I checked out your blog and we blog about quite different things, but thanks for stopping by :)

  • Looks like you have had an amazing time! Barcelona is one of my favorite cities, so much to do and see there!


    • Julia

      Totally agreed! Thanks for reading :)

  • I love Barcelona and this pics are so glamour. ciao gloria


    • Julia

      Thank you!

  • Carly

    Barcelona looks amazing! I love seeing cities featured on blogs. Great post
    Dresses & Denim

    • Julia

      Somebody has gotta give cities a chance sometimes, clothes take up so much of the internet! 😀 Thanks for reading girl :)

  • Ahh the photographs look absolutely beautiful! Can’t wait to go to Barcelona!

    • Julia

      I hope you enjoy your trip when you do go!! And thanks for reading :)

  • I would love to visit Barcelona – looks like there’s some amazing art to be found there too, the statues look so interesting!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    • Julia

      They are! It’s super funky, unlike what I had seen in any of the more Northern European cities :)

  • Life in general inspires me. I love Spain and one day I’m sure I’ll visit Barcelona. It looks gorgeous

    xx N
    Naomi in Wonderland

    • Julia

      You absolutely must! And I hope I can make it over to Belgium 😀 Thanks for reading girl, as always! :)

  • It seems like everyone is talking about Barcelona this week! I want to go there so badly. The art and culture there sounds amazing (as an Art history minor, I’d die to go).
    Love your guides as always!
    xx, Pia

    • Julia

      Thank you so much! If you’re an art history minor you should also visit Paris, it’s just amazing here :)

  • Antonio Garcia

    Barcelona es una ciudad preciosa

  • I was Barca a few weeks ago too. You should read my post :)

    Love all the things you mentioned they made me smile too

    Krissie x –

    • Julia

      Such a unique place, isn’t it? :)