April Roundup

April passed by in a complete and utter blur. I started the month working in Los Angeles, and ended it in Munich, back into my routine of Uni, work, and friends. I can’t believe it has already been a full month since I’ve been back! April was busy and happy–I have been/am overjoyed to be back in my favorite city, living the life I have built up for myself over the past two years. If you want to hear about what my April favorites were, from weekends in the desert to wonderful surprises in the mail, click through to read more.

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» Monthly Favorites «

Vintage Fever → While in Los Angeles, I fell in love with vintage shopping. From flea markets to vintage shops around the city, I stocked up on pieces for the upcoming summer season, at a fraction of the cost. Full blog post coming soon, with a guide to my favorite vintage stops around LA. 

The Springtime Glossybox → I’ve been a Glossybox fan for years, going all the way back to high school, when I received the American box for half a year. This past month, I was thrilled when the chance came up for me to work with Glossybox Germany! The company kindly sent there their April springtime box, and I was not disappointed. Over the years, the quality has simply not let up, from the incredible packaging to the products inside. You can see what I received in my Glossybox here! My personal favorite from the April box? The Sleek Plumping Lip Crayon in Notorious Nude. It’s the perfect everyday shade, and I adore the tingling sensation. Plus, the mini hand-sanitizer has been living in my handbag ever since this package landed on my doorstep. 

A Petite Camera Bag → I’m sure many of you have seen the millennial-pink Pop & Suki handbag on your Instagram feed. For a while I’d been looking for a bag with a similar style at a lower price-tag, and was thrilled when I found this one from Fossil in mint green. I’ve been wearing it constantly ever since, for everything from going out to shopping days in the city. 

Guayaki Yerba Mate → I become addicted to the grapefruit-ginger flavor of this drink while I did my internship in Los Angeles. I kid you not, I drink 4-5 of these a week. I love mate drinks in general–they offer the same buzz that coffee does, but the drink itself is more refreshing and doesn’t lead to the crash that coffee often brings on in the afternoon. 

Alfred’s Tea Room → Another beverage! While not a cheap stop for your caffeine fix, Alfred’s Tea Room in Los Angeles does the best Boba I have ever had. I’m still dreaming of the green tea flavor. And trust me, the huge portion fills you up!

Clinique Pep-Start Moisturizer → Before receiving this moisturizer as sample at Sephora last Christmas, I hadn’t changed up my skin routine in the 2 1/2 years since moving away from home. However, this one finally did the trick. I love it so much that I even bought the full size while I was home, despite the not-so-low price tag. This light weight moisturizer got my sensitive skin through the dead of winter, yet is still light enough on the skin to wear now that the days are finally starting to warm up. 

Denim Love → This might sound a little bit dumb, but guys, I have rediscovered my love for denim! From jeans to jackets to skirts, it’s all I’ve been wearing lately, and all I will continue to wear throughout the spring. 
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» April Happenings «

Weekend in Joshua Tree & Coachella Valley → While this happened at the end of March, I still wanted to include it in this post. My mom and I packed our overnight bags, and spent too days exploring the California desert. We started in Joshua Tree National Park, and made our way over to Coachella Valley/Palm Springs the next day to check out desert X (blog posts on all of this coming soon). While I tend to be a mountains of ocean kind of girl, the colorful and blooming desert still took my breath away.

Wrapping Up Two Months in Los Angeles → April saw the end of my two months in LA. The time went by faster that I could have imagined, and it was really nice to have the chance to live at home/reconnect with my family again. Plus, I loved my internship at BOLD LA, a communications, marketing and PR agency in Downtown Los Angeles.

Watching My Little Brother Turn 18 → What made my trip extra special was that my little brother turned 18 on my last night there. It was special to celebrate the special evening with him, especially since he’s going off to college in a few months. We had an amazing dinner at AYCE, an all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ place. Yum!

Two Sunny Days in Augsburg → Immediately upon returning to Munich, I hopped into a train to Augsburg, to spend the sunny weekend with a friend I hadn’t seen in a few months. The city was in full bloom (see above), plus, we spent an amazing night clubbing to 80s music at Hallo Werner. I went absolutely crazy as I love 80s music, and it’s not too often that you get to hear it being played in the club.

Munich’s Frühlingsfest → Many of you may know about Oktoberfest, but did you know that a similar festival comes to Munich every spring as well? This year was the first time I went to check it out with my friends, and I can 100% recommend. When we rolled up on the opening Saturday, it was pouring outside, and the tents were already so full that they weren’t letting any more people in. However, we (me and my 7 other friends) got very lucky and were asked by an event coordinator if we wanted to take over a table, where those who had made the reservation had failed to show up. Of course we said yes, and went on to spend 5 hours dancing inside to the live music.

Back to University → April 24th marked the start of the new semester here in Munich — to be precise, my 4th semester. Next year I’ll be writing my Bachelor’s Thesis, how crazy is that?!? I can already tell this semester is going to be the most stressful one yet, but hey, I’m not complaining.

Starting May in Salzburg → A week ago there was a national holiday in Bavaria, meaning that everybody had Monday, the 1st of May off. Me and my friends decided to ring in the new month with a day trip to Salzburg, Austria (read about the city here). We spent a sunny day climbing up to the castle, wandering around the city, and, of course, stopping for schnitzel and ice cream.


» Reading, Listening and Watching «

Reading This month I read The Girls, the debut novel from author Emma Cline. This book had been on my list for ages, and I’m so glad that I finally got around to it this month. Loosely based on the Charlie Manson cult murders that took place in the late 60s, The Girls follows a summer in the life of Evie, a young teenager who falls into a similar gang. Hacing always been interested in the Manson murders, I found this book enthralling, painting a picture of just how impressionable a young girl can be, especially if she is feeling lost or ignored by the world around her. Image above courtesy of Elle

Listening → I’ve been getting into a summer mood this past month, despite Munich being plagued by way too many rainy days. The Chainsmokers new album Memories…Do Not Open has been on repeat, along with Clean Bandit ft. Zara Larsson’s Symphony. I also rediscovered an older favorite: Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros. 

Watching → Netflix killed it with the TV shows this past month. I really enjoyed the devastating 13 Reasons Why. It took me a while to get through it, because the subject matter is just so brutal, but 1 100% recommend it nonetheless. Furthermore, I watched Girlboss in about a day. Based on Sophia Amoruso’s novel of the same name, I found it funny and upbeat — the perfect follow up after the much darker 13 Reasons Why

april roundup

» May Goals // What I’m Excited For «

Get Back to Working Out → Today’s rainstorm hasn’t been the best motivation, but I want to start working out again. My goal is to start small, running just 10-15 minutes a day, and work it up from there. Come rain or shine, those running shoes are going to go on.

More Love For the Blog→ I’ve been terrible at keeping this blog updated the past few months, I know. Everything is just always so busy, from work to uni to friends. However, I’ve received some amazing feedback from real-life people these past few months, and that has really motivated me again. A friend told me, that before his trip to Amsterdam, he actually combed through my blog to get tips on where to go and what to do! That just made me so happy, to hear that people do care, and that this truly is a place where people come for information. :)

Spend Less → The summer up ahead isn’t going to be cheap, meaning I really need to watch what I spend, and where. Travel is a huge priority, which will mean less meals out in the months to come.

France, Finland & Latvia? → Yes, I’m going all over! Up first is Augsburg this weekend, to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Then, Paris and my first music festival in June (hello Lorde, Imagine Dragons and Green Day). Then in August I’ll be disappearing off to Scandinavia for a few weeks, exploring lots of places I’ve never been to. I can’t wait!

Summer !! ☀️ → Enough said, I’m ready for warmer weather!! Bring on the BBQ and swimming season.

Thank you so much for reading! You guys mean the world to me, and I’m so glad you keep on sticking around. ❤️ always, Julia

P.S. For you German speakers, I was featured in an article in the German Huffington Posts! If you want to read it, click here!

P.P.S. Thank you to Sarah for the lovely feature! ❤️

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  • Aw, you’re so welcome <3 I love your blog and always look forward to read a new post of yours :) Also amazing you got featured in the German Huffington Posts! And yeeees, I'm so ready for warmer weather (and tons of bbq's!) too. Can't wait :)

    • You are so so sweet !! Thank you for the support <3