An Afternoon Exploring Île Saint Louis

The sun has come out and stayed put since last weekend, and because of that my camera has snapped more pictures in the past 5 days than the last 4 months together. J’adore! My goal is to show you and tell you as much about this beautiful city as possible the coming months. I can’t believe that the bulk of my time here is up. But, that just means that the most has to be made out of the final third.
In today’s post I wanted to show you an adorable area in Paris called Ile Saint Louis, located right by Notre Dame. It’s an island right in the middle of the city – the small space is surrounded completely by the river Seine. Click through to read about my experience there, and things you absolutely must see (and drink) if you do manage to make it over for an afternoon!


A friend and I headed over after visiting Jardin des Plantes, because it was just a stop away on the RER C. I had been wanting to check out this area mainly out of guilt of having never been, but also because I had heard it described as “a little French village in the middle of Paris”. And, the classic Cafe St. Regis! So after battling through the crowds around Notre Dame, we arrived.


And let me tell you, the little island is beautiful. While also packed with tourists, it was like being away from the busy “city city” Paris for an afternoon. Quaint store fronts called to mind the French Riviera, and the banks of the river were filled with strolling Parisians and picnicking friends. Plus, who can forget Notre Dame and Hotel de Ville across the river just being a picture perfect backdrop to it all?

Here are some things that you must do/see while you are there:

    • Grab a coffee (or a meal if you’re hungry and not broke) at the famous Cafe St. Regis. It was a little slice of paradise sitting outside in the cafe chairs, taking in the scenery, chatting, and watching people go by for hours.
    • Explore the little side streets. While the island isn’t big, the little nooks and crannies are its specialty. Great photo moments and cute little galleries/boutiques.
    • Or, stay on the main drag and sample gelato at one of the many cafes. I’ve heard that Berthillon is great, and can personally vouch for how delicious Amorino is (my favorites are amarena, tiramisu, and coconut) .
    • Keep an eye out for street performers. While many are con artists and have acts that I find quite tacky, there are often talented musicians taking the streets. I stopped and listened to the above pictured piano player for 30 minutes, his music was just incredible. I also filmed a (not so good quality) video that you can see below.
    • Enjoy the sunshine, walk around, smile. :)

photo 1
^ The above mentioned Cafe St. Regis. Grab a seat outside so you can feel the warm sun on your face and soak up the atmosphere.

^The most incredible street musician. He parked his piano in the middle of the road, sat down, and began to play the most beautiful pieces. Video below.

And that was my afternoon on Ile St. Louis. Once again, not to be missed if you are ever in the city. Squeeze it in, even if just for an hour after having seen Notre Dame.

Any Paris recs for me? Do you have little areas to escape to like this in your town as well? Comment down below, would love to chat with you all. :) And thanks for reading!


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  • life is a shoe

    gorgeous photos! I lived in paris or ten months years ago, I loved it and really miss it so much!!!


    • Julia

      Seriously the experience of a life time, especially when the winter cold finally goes away 😀

      Thanks for reading! xx

  • Tracy

    Great pictures, I absolutely love everything about Paris!

    • Julia

      In the same boat girl! This city is amazing :)

      Thanks for reading! xx

  • templeofbeauty

    Gorgeous photos, I love wondering around in that area….and they have the best ice-cream there :)

    xx Z&G

    • Julia

      Yess, the ice cream is to die for! I am an Amorino addict 😀

      Thanks for reading! xx

  • I’m so jealous!! Your photos are so gorgeous, what camera are you using? I’m really craving a holiday now haha!


    • Julia

      Aww thanks girl! Just my ancient Canon Rebel XS with the 50 mm 1.8 lens :) My go to since I have been 14!

      Love you blog and have given you a follow on bloglovin’ :)

      Thanks for reading! xx

  • emi

    you showed this area so well! not i am literally craving paris…but when am i not? :)

    i love the street musician. thanks for this taste of beauty today!!


    • Julia

      Thanks girl, seriously such an amazing compliment :)

      Love your blog and have given you a follow on Bloglovin’! Can’t wait to read future posts 😀

      Thanks for reading! xx

  • Joanne

    Gorgeous photos. I don’t think I visited this area on my last trip to Paris! I should have, haha. <3 Lovely post, I totally enjoyed reading through this!


    • Julia

      That’s what next time is for 😀 You absolutely must stop and get the ice cream as well, I’m telling you, it’s to die for!!

      Thanks for reading! xx

  • Angelique

    Perfect pictures .. It made me crave Paris even more!!

    • Julia

      Paris cravings are always a good thing 😀

      Thanks for reading! xx

  • Beautiful photos! I’ve never really explored Paris before, I only went to Disney several times but never the city itself.

    XO Naomi in Wonderland

    • Julia

      You absolutely have to if you ever find yourself in town again. This city is amazing! Thanks for reading :)

  • Sounds like a wonderful afternoon. Those drinks from Cafe St. Regis look good, love your sunglasses by the way!

    • Julia

      Thanks girl, and thanks for reading. It really means the world that you come and comment on my posts!!

      Xx Julia :)