5 Things I Always Have On Me

Hello my lovelies! I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m quite a nosy person. My best friend can ask me where something is and I’ll be able to tell her where she left it in her room. I especially love comparing the things people “can’t live without”, those curious objects that contribute to the myth of a girl’s “bottomless” handbag. Today I wanted to share my 5 things that you will always find on me (excluding wallet, phone, keys, etc.). This post is directly taken from what is currently in my handbag, I hope you enjoy!

  1. Handcream. I stopped chewing my nails this past year, and hand cream has been key. I have one for my apartment, one at work, and always one in my hand bag. Call me obsessive, but it stops me from chewing! Especially key in the winter with the cold dry air.
  2. Ibuprofin. I occasionally get headaches while I’m on-the-go. I keep Advil in my bag so that I don’t let the headache distract me if I’m at Uni or work.
  3. Headphones. There are those people who don’t listen to music in public transport, and then there are those who do. I can’t live without my music on the go. Even if I’m walking for three minutes from one class to the next I’ll always pop my headphones in; it’s immediate stress-relief.
  4. Vaseline. I hate nothing more than dry and cracked lips. I’ve found that nothing work better than good-old Vaseline. A thin coat gets the job done, plus no added perfumes or fragrances.
  5. Handwipes. During the week I almost always eat my lunch on the go, whether between classes or at my desk at work. I always have wipes on me to get any extra oils off of my hands and to clean up the crumbs when I’ve finished chowing down.

What 5 things do you always need to have on you? Sound off in the comments below, I’d love to hear! Much love, Julia

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  • missgetaway

    Oh I definitely need to start carrying around a handcream. Especially in winter! But I always forget mine at home. UGH!

    Love, Kerstin

    • I did the same, so I bought an extra one to just always keep in my handbag! 😀

  • Vaseline yes but I’m switching to a different brand soon! Just something to keep my lips from being dry ha! And I’m REALLY into hand cream right now, sounds weird but haha, I hate having dry hands as much as the next gal so I make sure I protect them at all times

    Naomi in Wonderland

    • Which brand are you switching to? 😀

      Yeah girl, same. Especially now that it’s getting so cold outside!