5 Excellent Books About Living in France

1. Almost French – An Australian woman’s account of her move to Paris with a new French boyfriend. Incredibly insightful, and a huge help when I was feeling a little bit lost at the beginning of my time in Paris. (here)
2. Just One Day – A book that perfectly captures the feeling of being young, hopeful, and falling in love in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. (here)
3. The Paris Wife – About the life of Hemingway’s first wife after she follows her husband to Paris. The book hits home when it comes to the feelings of loneliness that can arise at times, even in such a beautiful place. (here)
4. Anna and the French Kiss – The book that made me want to go to Paris in the first place. I love it just because of how sweet the story is, describing two young adults as they truly fall in love for the first time in the city of light. (here)
5. How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are –  A bit of a lighter read, but a real insider look into the hearts and minds of Parisian women. (here)

Honorable mentions:  Lessons From Madame Chic & Lunch in Paris (here & here)

Also check out the 5 books that inspired me to travel here.

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  • hopefray

    Same for me with Anna and the French Kiss. It was absolutley the numer one book that made me wanna visit Paris (quartier Latin surtout!).
    So when I was finally in Paris I bought a second hand ‘how to be parisian’ book at Gilbert Joseph and read half the book that same afternoon in the park.
    So there are now three that are still waiting to be read. :)

    • Yesss!

      That sounds like a dream, the perfect Paris experience. I used to spend entire days just sitting and reading in the park. Now on to the other three! :)

  • Excited to choose one these! I’ve added most to my indle wishlist :)

  • Perfect timing! I am actually just looking for a new book to read and I think I’m done the WWII theme for a while… )) Thank you!

    • Yess any of these are amazing! Hope you enjoy :)

  • Desiree Velasquez

    Great suggestion! I have an American amiga living in Paris and I think that these will make a great gift. Thanks darlin’


    • Yay glad I could give you gift inspiration! “Almost French” is totally perfect, especially if she just moved there :)

  • great stuff to add to our 2016 reading list!

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  • My best friend read anna and the french kiss and she loved it so much!! I think this is a sign that I’ve to read it haha. Great post :)

    • You must read it! Such an adorable love story, I promise you won’t regret it :)

  • I have the 5th book! Such a cute coffee table piece :)

    • Totally agree, fun to display but also an enjoyable read itself :)

  • From the Reviews on Amazon the “How to be Parisian…” Book is considered one of the worst … I wanted to buy it to read over Christmas but I went for another one instead.

    Hope you had a nice Christmas! 😉

    Lisa | Joy Della Vita Travelblog

    • Really?? I thought that the nuances described fit the women I knew there so perfectly. Sometimes I felt like I was reading about my neighbor or host mom.

      Same to you and happy New Year :)

  • I like Almost French!

    • So much love for that book :)