5 Books That Inspired Me To Travel

Hello you wonderful people! First of all, sorry for the silence on here. Coming home to Los Angeles has been a whirlwind of seeing all the loved ones I had missed and an unexpected case of reverse culture shock. That’s why I am so happy to be back at my laptop writing a post today which lies very close to my heart: the 5 books that inspired me to travel. So enjoy this post, and I hope that some of you will end up grabbing one or more of these and curling up with it on a summer afternoon.

  1. Just One Day | Gayle Forman – This is the story of a Dutch boy and an American girl who meet on a train in Europe. The two end up taking off for just one day in Paris, during which they fall in love, only to be separated and then spending the next year trying to find each other again. It’s a heart warming love story, and Allison’s (the narrator and main character) journeys across Europe looking for her Dutch boy will inspire you to get out and do the same.
  2. Looking For Alaska | John Green – “I go to seek a great perhaps.” After reading this line, I knew the story of Miles and Alaska Young would be one that forever changes me. It’s about going out and seeking your answers in the world, rather than being scared and staying in your own little bubble. The characters might stay in their small Alabama boarding school, but the message is that one should not be afraid to break free. The story will stay with you long after you have put the book down.
  3. The Alchemist | Paulo Coelho – I read this book a few days before moving to Paris. I had been feeling a little lost in terms of identity, and didn’t know what to expect of the future at the time. Reading about Santiago’s journey through Egypt really helped me find my center again, and showed me that I didn’t need to be afraid of the unknown. Be prepared for beautiful quotes within this story of love and personal growth.
  4. Anna and the French Kiss | Stephanie Perkins – This is definitely lighter pool-side material, but a cute book with a great story nonetheless. Reading about Anna’s life at a boarding school in Paris is actually what put the city on my radar the first place! This is another love story (I’m the biggest sucker), but one that seamlessly integrates what life in France is like along with the narrations. My favorite part is now reading back and knowing exactly where everything is. :)
  5. The Opposite of Loneliness | Marina Keegan – A collection of short stories and essays, TOOL is about the process of finding yourself while growing up. Written by a college student who was killed just days after her Yale graduation, the stories will hit home. They might not take place in foreign countries or even have anything directly to do with travel, but they inspired me to stop being so afraid and to go ahead with my dreams: moving away and seeing the world. Nothing I have ever read described so accurately what I feel about myself and life, and I suspect that this best seller will do the same for you. (sorry that this got kind of sappy)

And those are the books that have inspired me to travel, and affected almost every major decision I have made in the past year. Now I want to know, what books inspire you to travel? I would love to hear, as I am always looking for something new to read.

Thank you for reading!



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  • Stephanie Smolders

    I’m a huge fan of Paulo Coelho! I guess I’ve read 7 of his books and the alchemist is still my favorite. It inspires me every time I open it. I’ve put the other ones on my reading list! Thank you for sharing.. I’m happy I’ve found your site!

    Stéphanie (

    • I’ve followed you on Bloglovin’ as well, I love the stuff you publish 😀 Thanks for all of your sweet comments girl !! <3 Julia

  • I haven’t read any of these books but I did had ‘looking for Alaska’ in my hands the other day and wasn’t sure if I wanted to buy them but maybe I should do it :)

    Marlies aka Magnificent Escape

    • Get it girl!! I promise you won’t regret it for a minute 😀

  • Wild by Cheryl Strayed is by far my favorite travel related book. But this list is AWESOME. I love John Green and I’ve read a few of his stories, but I am waiting to buy new books up until I’m traveling since I’ll be on the road A LOT soon. Thanks for the recommendations! Can’t wait to read ’em all.

    x- Naomi in Wonderland

    • Julia

      John Green is THE BEST! Haha my mom loved Wild as well, she has it here so I guess I have no excuse to not read it now 😀 Thanks for the rec :) Yes save the worfs for the long plane a train rides! There’s nothing like getting lost in a book while in a far away place :)

  • Great list, thanks for sharing. I’m going to check them out next time I’m at the bookstore.

    • Julia

      Let me know which ones you end up liking/picking up! :)

  • Annie Abbey

    I absolutely adore this post! I am an avid reader but I still haven’t read some of these! They are going on the list! :)


    • Julia

      Yes they are must reads! When you do get around to it I would love to hear what you end up reading :)

  • These are great book recommendations. I will surely hunt the library for these!
    Love Priya |

    • Julia

      Let me know what you end up picking up :)

  • Anna and the French Kiss is such a cute story (probably my favorite contemporary YA) and it definitely made me wish for a Parisian adventure and my own St Clair 😉

    • Julia

      Same!! Of course it only very rarely happens like it does in the books, but I did spend the whole year dreaming :)

  • These books sound really good – I’d definitely be interested in reading the first and the last, especially the latter! :)
    Eat, Pray, Love is the first book that comes into my mind when I think of travel books and it’s a good movie too! X

    • Julia

      Yay let me know if you do end up reading them, I’d love to hear your opinion! And thanks for the rec :)

  • “On the Road” is one that can really inspire you to just leave everything behind and go!

    • Julia

      Thanks for the rec, I’ll look into it 😀