30 Gap Year Travel Ideas

Want to take a gap year, but aren’t sure how you want to spend it? I’ve come up with a list of travel ideas you can partake in, and that will hopefully inspire you (along with the pictures above of a semi-absent minded young adult frolicking around Europe) to go. Whether you have big savings or none, are young or old, this list can help out everyone! Enjoy :)

  1. Become an Au Pair :)
  2. Bartend your way around Spain.
  3. Book your plane ticket to South America and spend the year living out of a backpack.
  4. Work and travel (most commonly done in New Zealand, Australia, Southeast Asia).
  5. Join Greenpeace and travel the world while saving it.
  6. Teach English, anywhere. (this is in demand all around the world)
  7. Teach any other language that you speak.
  8. Work at a vinery as an extra hand.
  9. Become a flight attendant.
  10. Become a yacht or cruise ship attendant.
  11. Build houses in Cambodia.
  12. Have some savings? Write your bucket list, and spend a year completing each and every item on it.
  13. Work on supplying clean water for villages in Africa.
  14. Hop in a car and see each of America’s 50 States.
  15. Volunteer at an orphanage in India.
  16. Get yourself a job as an assistant for a documentary film maker, and spend the year following along on the current project.
  17. Get a job in London and try to make it there for a year.
  18. Work on a farm in rural Germany.
  19. Become a tour guide in a major city, offering tours in your native language.
  20. Backpack (aka InterRail) through Europe.
  21. Buy/rent a used RV and drive through Scandinavia.
  22. Hike the Himalayas or the Appalachian Trail.
  23. Apply for as many internships around the world as you can, and then go wherever opportunity strikes.
  24. Take the Trans-Siberian Railway.
  25. Work on a wildlife preserve.
  26. Take part in research projects at the Galapagos Islands.
  27. Attend language classes in another country to get fluent.
  28. Hope on a bus in Australia and explore each corner of the fascinating country.
  29. Spend a year pursuing something you love and see if it can turn into a profession.
  30. Start a blog, get up, go out, and explore :)

So there you have it, 30 gap year travel ideas. Don’t be afraid to pursue your dreams, even if it might mean an uncertain future at times. Do what you love, and the rest will fall into place! Happy weekend all, and thanks for following along.


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  • Claire

    Your blog is really great (I find it through your comment on Love Taza!) !
    I did the third one and it was AWESOME! I think I’m gonna read your blog quite often (as I’m living in Paris for college your posts about the city might be helpful!).

    Best regards!

    • Yay thanks for stopping by!! Backpacking through South America sounds amazing, what a lucky person you are to have had that experience!

      I really hope I you end up finding this blog helpful, and always feel free to leave a comment!

      And pssst: I have a post going up Monday that I think you’ll really like 😀

      xx Julia

  • these all sound like so much fun!! thanks for the inspiration :)

    x tiphaine |

    • Julia

      Of course, thanks for reading :)

  • I’m loving all of these ideas and I will use some of them myself. Great list! :)

    • Julia

      Thanks girl! :)

  • Julia

    Yeah, next year I’m ready to start working on my degree too :) I get where you are coming from though, and I think that as long as you even had the idea in the first place, you’ll end up getting out and exploring lots :)

    Thank you, and thanks for reading 😀 Love your blog and have given you a follow on Bloglovin’!

  • Savannah Swiacki

    Oh this is so cute! Love the idea

    • Julia

      Thanks Savannah! :)

  • Mimi

    I have a friend thinking of doing this…great list!

    Aesthetic Lounge

    • Julia

      Totally recommend it to them, 110% :) Thanks for reading!

  • Great list! I started off my gap year as an au pair, such an amazing experience. Kinda want to do the rest of your list now… haha :)

    • Julia

      Oh that’s awesome! Where did you Au Pair? :)

      • South of France :)

        • Julia

          That must have been a dream! Sometimes I dream of going an Au Pair year round 2 and staying the the South of France 😀

          • You definitely should! It’s so lovely there! The people are so relaxed too, it’s like living on holiday 😀

          • Julia

            Wow, that totally sounds like the opposite of the people living in Paris!! Which city were you in?

          • I was in Fos sur mer, a little town about an hour from Marseille :) I guess that’s why it was so much more relaxed and quieter than Paris and other main cities, I was probably the only foreigner there!

          • Julia

            Wow that’s so cool! Your French must have gotten so good 😀

          • Je pense que, oui 😉 You say Au Pair year round 2, so where did you au pair before? :)

          • Julia

            Oui, j’espère je vais parler couramment après je suis restée ici pour l’année 😀 Paris maintenant!

          • Oh, you’re au pairing at the moment! Comment as-tu l’impression d’être une fille au pair? :))

          • Julia

            J’adore j’adore j’adore! Ma famille est parfait, et j’adore mes enfants.

            I have met so many amazing people, this year has truly been the experience of a lifetime. The best choice I have ever made!

          • Aww I’m happy for you! 😀

  • Olivia Abdelmalek

    This is so cute! I like #11

    XOXO, Olivia

  • Just became you 97th Instagram follower:) By the way, the link to Insta in your post is broken.

    I liked your documentary film idea and you reminded me of Scandinavia! I totally forgot it was on my list years ago!

    • Julia

      Phew, thanks for the heads up girl! And thank you so much!! At 98 now, I have hope for 100 before I got to bed 😀

      And yeah it’s weird, my whole family is from Northern Germany, but I don’t know Scandinavia at all. It on my bucket list for sure, maybe even just taking an RV for the summer!

      And I love your blog, have given it a follow on Bloglovin’. Can’t wait to see future posts :)