25 Random Facts About Me

Hey you guys! I thought I’d do a little “get to know the blogger” post today. I always love reading these about other bloggers, and I hope you enjoy the 25 random facts about me as well! :)

  1. My walking pace rivals that of most sprinters.
  2. love mustard. I have would eat it off of a spoon.
  3. I cannot ever just be doing one thing. I’m a multi-tasker. If I’m watching TV, I’ll paint my nails or wash my dishes on the side.
  4. My top three travel dreams are Work/Travel in Australia, backpacking through South America, and visiting Istanbul.
  5. I love any hot beverage equally. Coffee, tea, of hot chocolate, doesn’t matter to me! :)
  6. I collect postcards, and used to collect stamps.
  7. My favorite ice cream flavor is…I just sat here for a good while and could not come up with an answer. I love coconut, coffee, chocolate and amarena cherry equally! And German Spaghetti Eis :)
  8. I write down everything I have to do/remember, ever. The notebook it goes in is my holy grail.
  9. My favorite vegetable is kale (hey, I’m a California girl).
  10. I was a competitive swimmer in high school. While I don’t do it as intensively anymore, it’s the only form of working out I can tolerate.
  11. hate the taste of artificial cherry.
  12. For a whole I wanted to become a “beauty vlogger”, and even had a Youtube channel going!
  13. I cannot keep a plant alive.
  14. I was only 17 when I moved to Europe.
  15. I bite my nails. I know it’s a terrible habit, but I just can’t stop! To give myself some credit though, they’re always nicely polished.
  16. I’m terrified of cows.
  17. While I’m a TV junkie (currently binging on The Mentalist), I’m also a major bookworm. My Kindle saves my life during long train rides and with the high prices for English books in Europe.
  18. I wear a Hamsa around my neck at all times.
  19. I live on the 6th floor of my building, no lift! Workout, every day all the time. 😉
  20. I’m a creature of habit in my daily life (not when I travel, I know, it’s strange).
  21. I’m left handed.
  22. I have no feeling in the area below my left knee, I’m guessing due to a mess-up I had during a surgery years ago.
  23. I’m allergic to all types of nuts and mango. *Sob*, I grew into this allergy 4 years ago, meaning I got a taste of bliss before it was taken away from me.
  24. My parents used to call me a fish, because once I’m in a body of water, there’s no getting me out of it.
  25. There are two pronunciations of my name, the English “Jew-lee-uh”, and the German “You-lee-ah”. I react to both equally. :)

And there you have it! I hope you guys have enjoyed learning some tidbits about me. I would love to learn about you guys as well, leave me a weird fact about yourself in the comments below! :)


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  • #23 oh nooooo. I was actually just talking about it yesterday, saying how grateful I am to not be allergic to anything! Enjoyed reading this post

    xx Naomi in Wonderland

    • Julia

      I so wish I was not allergic to anything! Nutella was seriously my love and I used to adore snuggling with cats, but those days are over :(

  • This is soo funny, you are like the completely opposite of me! I hate mustard, your travel dreams are the things that are some of the only things that are not on my travel list and I do not like hot beverages. Oh well opposites attract right?;-) One thing we do have in common: my plants are dead within two weeks as well;-)

    • Julia

      Exactly! 😀

      You don’t like hot beverages though?? Haha that’s crazy for me. With mustard I can understand (my best friend almost vomits when I eat mustard flavored chips next to her), and each person wants to see their own places :)

      Also, I am in Amsterdam in two weeks, if you’d be interested in meeting for a coffee?? Send me an email if you’d like and we can plan something!

      xx Julia