25 Foods You Have To Eat In Germany

With my departure from Paris for a summer holiday in Germany being only a couple of days away, I thought that I’d whip up a post of all things delicious in my favorite country. German cuisine is amazing, and I miss it whenever I’m not there. Enjoy reading about 25 foods you have to eat in Germany! I know that I’ll be using this as reference point when I’m there in a few days. :)

  1. Currywurst. One of my all time favorite foods, currywurst is a huge part of German street food culture. It’s a cut up sausage covered in curry ketchup and curry powder. Best eaten with fresh french fries (“rot weiß”, aka eaten with a mayonnaise ketchup mix).
  2. Rote Grütze. My favorite dessert! Rote Grütze is a warm mixture of raspberries, blackberries, blue berries, etc. mixed together until it’s a preserve-like substance. Best eaten à la mode with vanilla ice cream.
  3. Döner. Originating from Turkey, you’ll find a Döner sold on every street corner, even in the smallest villages. What it is is a pita pocket filled with lamb meat, tomato, salad, cucumbers, tzatziki and many other goods. Inexpensive street food, delicious none-the-less.
  4. Brötchen. The German equivalent of the baguette. They’re little rolls, crunchy on the outside with soft (often warm) bread in the center. Available in probably hundreds of varieties (from white bread to the famous German dark bread), it’s a breakfast staple. Also makes amazing sandwiches.
  5. Bretzel. You haven’t had a pretzel until you’ve tried one in Germany, period. I like to eat mine with sweet mustard or butter.
  6. Kaiserschmarren. Basically pancakes but in the form of small doughy balls. Usually eaten for lunch or dinner (as pancakes are in general in Germany), it’s best served with applesauce of fresh fruit.
  7. Rotkohl. This is cooked red cabbage. A German “Hausfrau” tradition, Rotkohl is most commonly eaten at Christmas time, with a Bratwurst at the Christmas markets. I might be biased, but I believe that my grandma makes the best Rotkohl in the world.
  8. Spaghetti Eis. Now this is what I spend all year dreaming of. With a whipped cream center, Spaghetti Eis is vanilla ice cream formed to look like spaghetti, topped with whipped cream, white chocolate sprinkles, and strawberries.
  9. Spargel. The Germans are the best when it comes to preparing Spargel, aka asparagus. Eaten only in season (late spring to early summer), it’s best served with a Hollandaise sauce.
  10. Schorle. A delicious, healthy, and refreshing fruit juice served with sparkling water. My favorites are apple and rhubarb.
  11. The coffee. German coffee is bomb, period. So much that it’s all I drink, even in France.
  12. Milchreis. This is rice cooked with sugar and milk. In the end it resembles a dessert-like porridge, and it’s one of my favorite meals. I like to take it with Rote Grütze or apple sauce. And, adding ice cream never hurts!
  13. Heiße Schokolade mit Sahne. The Germans have got hot chocolate and whipped cream down. Combine it and it’s just a dream. I love the hot chocolate especially because it’s never too sweet.
  14. Torte. While the Americans whip up fluffy confections with frosting and the French flaky glazed tarts, the German cakes are another story. They tend to incorporate fresh ingredients such as fruit and cream cheese, and are usually more dense. My favorite is plum cake, a thin but intense layer of dough topped with fresh plums. Like in England, tea time is a daily occurrence.
  15. Bratwurst. Fried sausage. This one needs no explanation. I love to eat mine with potatoes or cabbage, with lots a mustard for dipping.
  16. Weißwurst. A specialty of Bavaria, Weißwurst is simply white sausage. Sounds strange, but it’s heavenly. Eat with a warm Bretzel, lots of sweet mustard and a beer to wash it down.
  17. Jäger Schnitzel. Basically breaded and fried pork, Jägerschnitzel is always what I’ll order off the menu if I’m in doubt. Served with a side salad and fries usually, don’t forget to cover it in lemon juice. The fresh sourness perfectly compliments the fried breadcrumbs.
  18. Gulasch. I’m not exactly sure what goes in this other than beef, lots of yummy broth and some vegetables, but it’s amazing. Usually served at holiday meals with Spätzle (little egg noodles) and Rotkohl, you need to chow down a bowl during your visit. Around the holidays it’s served nearly everywhere.
  19. Glühwein. Kind of like warm Sangria, Glühwein is a mulled wine created with various spices, orange, lemon, etc. Served seasonally at the German Christmas markets, it has to be one of my all time favorites. It will warm you up on a cold winters day, promised.
  20. Bier. Need I explain this one? To be especially German try a Maas, a liter of beer.
  21. Bratkartoffel. No one cooks their potatoes like the Germans, and fried in a sauce pan with ample amounts of onion is the way I like to go. Bratkartoffeln are offered as a side dish at nearly every restaurant, don’t miss out.
  22. Leberwurst. Some of you might find this gross, but I love having it with my Brötchen or Schwarzbrot. It’s basically a ton of veal and pork liver ground up a seasoned to create a slighty strange but delicious paste. I even prefer it over the French paté.
  23. Berliner. A jelly filled donut with no hole in the center. Available at every bakery.
  24. Fischbrötchen. Best eaten in Northern Germany (Schleswig Holstein) because that’s where the fish is caught fresh. It’s a slab of raw or smoked fish put into a Brötchen along with garlic sauce and some lettuce. Amazing lunch during the summer.
  25. Schwarzbrot. The dark dark dark German bread. It’s very thick and dense, making it a healthy and very filling snack/meal.

Thank you so much for reading! If you’re thinking about visiting Germany, check out this post to learn exactly why I love it there so much. I also have posts up on Freiburg, Berlin, and Schleswig Holstein. If this list didn’t convince you to add Germany to your summer itinerary, the photos in the links above sure will! :)


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  • I actually never knew that! Thanks for letting me know 😀 Seriously one of the yummiest foods.

  • shannon

    This post needs to be fixed. Why is there no mention of jäger sauce on the jäger schnitzel? What she describes is a wiener schnitzel.
    And döner is not from Turkey it’s a german invention.

    • Whoops my bad! Still, the food is yummy none-the-less :)

  • love this post! started following you on bloglovin!


    mynameiskristina blog // bloglovin

    • Julia

      Thanks girl! :)

  • Omg you’re making me homesick for Austria. This is such a great list, A+!!!! Weinerschnizel is what I grew up on and don’t even get me started on palatschinken (the Austrian version of crepes). I’m so hungry now!
    xx, Pia

    • Julia

      Oh wow, I want to visit Austria so so badly! Some new foods to put on my personal bucket list 😀

  • Mlle Coconath

    it all sounds delicious!


    Mademoiselle Coconath

    • Julia

      It most definitely is :) Thanks for reading!

  • So I don’t know that I’ve had a lot of these butttt I think I’ve had most and really loved them – my absolute fav being #20 ;D

    • Julia

      Heading to Germany today and I am bouncing out of my seat in excitement! Hallo Deutsches Bier 😀

  • MsSole

    All this talk about food is making me hungry for some Bratwurst!

    I blog here:

    • Julia

      Yum Bratwurst! Heading to Germany today and I could not be more excited 😀 Thanks for reading !

  • Ooh, definitely bookmarking this for future reference! I visited Cologne in December and tried a few of these… German food seems perfect for warming you up again in the freezing cold weather! I’d be interested in trying some of these puddings — I think I’ve only had strudel

    • Julia

      Yes, eat your way through the bakery! It’s soo good for warming up on a cold day, it’s why I think the Christmas markets have such a cult status :) Thanks for reading girl!

  • I went to Europe about 4 months ago but I wasn’t able to make it over to Germany… I want to go so badly! Thanks for sharing the info about food! I want to try some of these. :)


    • Julia

      Of course! You must if you ever visit one day, and I hope that day comes soon 😀

  • Great list and just on time! I will use it for my upcoming trip in 2 weeks :)

    • Julia

      Yayyy for a trip to Germany! Where exactly will you be visiting? :)

      • We go for a 40 days Europe road trip which starts in Frankfurt :)

        • Julia

          Ahhh have fun!! And eat lots of yummy food 😀

  • These all sound delicious! I can’t wait to try them when I make it over to Germany!

    • Julia

      They are 😀 Hope you make it over soon and definitely let me know what your thoughts are when you do 😀