10 Tips For Visiting Barcelona

While planning my trip and during my recent first visit to Barcelona, I picked up a few tips and tricks that I both used during this holiday, and will be employing the next time I visit. While I loved almost every moment of my stay during this vibrant and lively city, I do wish I had known some of these things going in, and am glad that I learned the others. And so to make things easier for you when you visit this bustling Spanish city, I thought I’d share 10 of lessons these here today. Hope you find these tips for visiting Barcelona helpful!


  1. Check the Cathedral Roof opening times in advance. I’m sad that I snoozed on this and didn’t get to take in the supposed breathtaking view of the city. We arrived at 6PM only to find out that the roof was open from 3-5PM. Be sure to know the hours during your trip so that you don’t miss out.
  2. Walk walk walk. One of the best choices my travel buddy and I made during the trip was choosing to walk from the Sagrada Familia to Parc Güell. We saw so many extra architectural delights around Avenue Diagonal, and even discovered some super yummy ice cream this way. 


  3. Buy a T10 Metro Pass. I know I just mentioned walking above, but buying this 10 use metro ticket right at the beginning of the trip seriously came in handy. It was only about 10 Euros (cheap), and was a life saver upon arrival, late night returns to our Air BnB, and hauls across town. And FYI in general, Barcelona has a great Underground system.

    Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 7.44.32 AM

  4. Preorder tickets to the major sites. We learned this lesson twice, once after arriving at the Sagrada Familia only to find out we wouldn’t be able to get in until about an hour before closing time (for the full price), and once at Parc Guell, when we came back around sunset time (no regrets). However, I do wish that the first haul up the hill in the afternoon heat had been spared. That being said, buy the tickets to all the sites you want to see in advance. It will better allow you to plan your days and you can skip the lines.

    Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 7.59.49 AM

  5. Visit Parc Güell at sunset. This only came about by chance after we were told to return at 6:30PM, but as I said, no regrets! Imagine bright tiles bathed in a golden hour light, people lounging around in the evening sun, and seeing the entire city laid out in front of you as the afternoon heat fades away. A dream!

    Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 7.46.00 AM

  6. Get lost in the little side streets. Our favorite parts of the trip were wandering around the hilly roads leading up to Parc Güell, or getting lost in the maze of streets between the harbor and the Cathedral.
  7. Stay away from La Rambla. While many guide books sited this long street as a must see, it completely turned me off in every way. Masses and masses of people, tourists traps galore, and every other person standing around trying to sell you drugs. Not a fan, and not something I needed to see. If you do go see it, just don’t go expecting a beautiful tree lined street.


  8. Relax and take a nap during the afternoon heat. Doing this each day completely saved our sanity. By the time we found a place in a park/at the beach/in the harbor, we were always overheated, grumpy, and exhausted. Two hours later after the heat wave, we’d get going again refreshed to knock out a few things before dinner and generally just feeling much better (and tanner!).

    Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 7.46.44 AM

  9. Find your niche! We focused on Barri Gotic during our trip, and are so glad that we got to know this one area so well by the end. Focusing small rather than running around the other city not only made the trip more relaxing, but also helped us better understand the culture and the people. We learned a lot about one place rather than barely grazing a huge surface.
  10. Know how much everything costs. Prices in Barcelona for visiting museums/institutions ended up being a lot higher than I expected, which was quite disappointing (especially coming from Paris where I can go basically everywhere for free). During my next trip I’m going to save up with a few specific places in mind. Prices are too high to just bounce from one place to the next (15+ Euros for the Opera house? I think not).

I hope you guys have found this post helpful and that you use it if you ever end up planning a trip to Barcelona!

I also wanted to apologize for my brief absence on here, something came up and I had to focus on my offline life for a bit. Things have calmed down and I hope to get back to more regular posting soon. :)

Cheers! Julia

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  • Did you visit Camp Nou *__*
    I want to visit Barcelona to see Football Club Barcelona playing, It is what I wanted from childhood..


    • Julia

      I didn’t! Sounds like something awesome for next time :)

  • Looks amazing there. My boyfriend really wants to move us there but I keep hesitating. What do you think of living there?

    • Julia

      I could 100% imagine living here! Warm people, lovely climate, and great food 😀 I also met a ton of Expats while visiting, and they all just had good things to say :)

  • Jecky Lebid

    I’ve been visiting Barcelona the last three years in a row! Absolutely love the city and can totally agree with your “walk, walk, walk” and get lost in the side streets tips 😉

    XX from Germany


    Want Get Repeat

  • Julia

    Yayyy it always makes me so so happy to hear that 😀 So glad you enjoyed it, and here’s to next time 😀

  • Julia

    Happy birthday girl, and I hope that you ended up having the time of your life!! Would love to hear if you enjoyed it as much as I did :)

  • Thanks a lot for the great tips for Barcelona and the great photos 😉

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Bisous from France,

    *-* Sand. *-*

    • Julia

      Of course, hope you found them helpful! :)

  • Hayley Larue

    I have ALWAYS wanted to visit Barcelona! As silly as it sounds, I have wanted to ever since that one Cheetah Girls movie came out where they were in Barcelona. hahahahaha. It looks so beautiful!

    • Julia

      AHH I LOVE THAT MOVIE!! Literally low key the whole time at Parc Guell I was singing “fuego fuego” in my head 😀

  • felisha

    I’ve been to Barcelona once, and I am just aching to go back! It’s truly a magical city. One thing I found very delightful was how CLEAN it was. I live in NYC so when I visit cities that aren’t overrun by trash I’m pretty much in love – haha. Thanks so much for this great post, very informative and inspiring!

    • Julia

      Yeah that’s so true, it was so so clean! The underground as well, I was seriously impressed.

      You’re right, it is a magical city 😀 I’m looking forward to my next trip as well :)

  • Rochelle

    Awesome tips! Thanks for sharing.
    Good vibes Fox

  • Julia

    Of course, glad you found them helpful 😀

  • Julia

    Have so so much fun! You’re gonna love it 😀

  • Julia

    Honestly good call, Barcelona is always waiting 😀 I’d love to visit Madrid one day soon as well, have heard so many amazing things about it :)

  • Great list, cant wait to visit… Barcelona is certainly on my list of place to go.

    xx Falasha

    Bite My Fashion ll Instagram ll Bloglovin’

    • Julia

      You’ll love it, seriously such an amazing city 😀 Thanks for reading girl!