10 Reasons To Take A Gap Year

I wanted to use today’s post to discuss something that has come up surprisingly little on my blog: taking a gap year. I’m about 7 months into mine (ahh!!), and let me tell you, it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Read on for the 10 reasons to take a gap year, and why you should do it as well.

  1. You grow up and become independent. This year has been filled with an absurd amount of personal growth for me. Yes, I do think that you grow up in college as well, but at this point I am confident that I will be going to college already an adult. That is an amazing feeling.
  2. You’ll garner experience that no other applicant will have. Filling out my applications this year, I was able to put in so many amazing new experiences. My application from last year is nothing compared to what mine looked like the second time around. I mean, a year of work experience, understanding life abroad, and a new fluent language? Sounds pretty good to me.
  3. You expand your world view. I think completely differently about the world now than I used to. And I admit, it has been a process! For a long time I carried certain prejudices about the French people. Time has changed that though, and now I am thankful for the chance to be able to learn about this culture. Also, you become more open minded to every place around the world. You begin to really think!
  4. You meet incredible people. I have made friends for life here in Paris, and now have friends I can visit in nearly every country. Being with them and talking to them has additionally taught me so much about the world, and inspired me in countless ways.
  5. You’ll know another culture (or cultures) inside and out. The French culture was one that I had always pined to understand, and I think living here is the only way that would have made that possible. Also, people love hearing me explain French mannerisms, and why people here act and think the way they do!
  6. You’ll find out what you really love, your hobbies, passions, and dreams. Going into this year, I had no clue what I loved, what I wanted to study, or even what my hobbies were anymore. I had spent the past 4 years in high school always doing things for an application rather than myself. Not only did I realize what I want to study next year, but I also had the chance (and time) to fall in love with photography again.
  7. Each day will become a mini adventure. Today’s? Using a French Laundromat for the first time. You become less afraid of challenges (as every day in a foreign country is one in a way) and (hate to repeat myself) you learn so much.
  8. You’ll learn, in every possible way. Repeating myself again, but yes, you do learn. I have learned to stay professional when bosses don’t, how to live on a budget, not to be shy anymore, and to confidently navigate public transportation. The list goes on and on, you’ll look back at the end of the year and not recognize the child from the beginning of it.
  9. You will travel. Oh yes you will, and it’s the best feeling ever. Do I even need to justify this one?
  10. You’ll learn to think more, and to think differently. You’ll gain global perspective. And this is the most important one. You will realize that the world is so much bigger than your hometown/college town/state/country/etc. Getting out will inspire you and change you. Just do it!

And honestly, this is the time. Other than a plane ticket there, your gap year will probably be one of the cheapest years of your life. As an Au Pair, I get paid enough to live, save, and travel. If you do work travel in Asia or Australia, it will 100% end up being the same for you. Go abroad, live, discover! It will only make you better for it.

And if you’re worried about being “behind”? Think of this: when you and a competitor for a job are both 35, will it matter that you graduated a year later? Or will your future employer care more about your work experience in Asia, or your fluent Spanish? 😉

Please please please email me or comment below with any questions regarding the gap year, I can help out with everything (down to Visa details). Hope you found this helpful!



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  • Julia

    Yay for super similar names! 😀

    You know what, although you haven’t had the time, I think your mindset and future goals mean everything. Small steps are amazing, I started as well this year with just exploring the big new city I was living in :)

    Keep exploring one step at a time girl! xx Julia

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  • Natalia | Glitter and Passport

    I love this! All of this is exceptionally true and no path is the “right path.” Can’t wait to take my own gap year after graduation!


    • Julia

      Wishing you the best and am excited to read on your blog where you chose to end up going! :) Love your blog btw, do you have a Bloglovin’ account I can follow you with? xx Julia :)

  • I love this article! I am going to take a gap year after I finished my study. I am not going to work 40 hours a week. I refuse.. When you can choose traveling, always do!;-)

    • Julia

      Yess, completely agree forever and always!

      That was my mindset then, and it still is now. I’m looking forward to Uni next year, but my goal remains to stay out of a 40 hour a week job until the wayyyyy end of my 20s! 😀

  • This is so true! Let’s live & explore! I wish more people saw the other side of life. xxxxx

    • Julia

      Exactly, live & explore is the motto! :) Thanks for reading xx

  • expanding your world view–so important.

    • Julia

      Completely agreed :) Thanks for reading xx

  • I do agree with you! I regret it so much to not have taken a gap year after school! Good that you did it :)! Have fun in your last months 😉

    xx Nicola

    • Julia

      Danke sehr, und danke fuers lesen! :) xx Julia