Yes, I’m Alive!

So, do you guys know those points in time where life just seems to never stop? Well, that has been mine since I packed up my belongings and left Los Angeles nearly three months ago (wow). So, in the words of Adele, hello again my wonderful readers. What a time this beginning in Munich has been.

Truthfully, it has literally taken a terrible cold to get me to stay in my apartment for longer than 24 hours for the first time since arriving in Germany, but I’m glad to have the chance to write here again. So, what has changed? To begin, I’m keeping my sick body hydrated by sipping water from the liter jug (Maß) I stole took from the Oktoberfest. I successfully completed my language course in September, and have been studying at the LMU München for 5 weeks now. My new apartment is settled in, and I’ve met incredible people along the way. I spent all my money at Oktoberfest, and enjoyed sunny days exploring Bavaria. And now, I am enjoying student life, days spent studying and nights spend grabbing drinks with friends, complaining about how much work Uni (already) is. I love it!!

In September I traveled around with my language course and visiting Austria (Salzburg) for the first time, along with seeing the castle of my dreams, Neuschwanstein. I spent the warmest day I’ve had so far at the Starnberger Sea, and am now planning a girl’s trip to Austria to check out the Christmas markets. My studies are fun, and while moving to an apartment at the other side of the city wasn’t easy, it’s the coziest little place.

Life is good, and I promise I’m going to try to start sharing a bit more of it again. I’ve missed you all, and to those of you who are still here, thank you for sticking around.

More soon (and lots of photos!).

xx Julia

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