What’s Next?

As some of you might be aware, I recently finished off my Au Pair year in Paris, and have since returned home for the summer to Los Angeles. To be honest I came home this summer not knowing where I was going to end up come fall, but now the decision has been made.

Andddd, I’m moving to Munich in exactly 11 days!! This girl is finally going to Uni to be an English Literature major. I have loved Germany my entire life, and am so happy that I will have a chance to live there for at least the next few years.

There are still a lot of preparations to be made. For one, I still don’t have an apartment come October, and I’m still waiting to hear back about my minor. But the mental packing list has started, and I can’t wait to dive head first not only into a new city, but also into my continuing life in Europe as a student.

And my dear readers: anybody from Munich? I have never been and would love to hear your tips about the city. Always feel free to leave comments in German, I understand them like I do English :)

Here’s to life changes and all that’s to come. I can’t wait.


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  • Munich very good city.looking nice place

  • Lauren @

    Isn’t it so lovely not being sure of your next big move! Glad to see it looks like you ended up making a great decision :)

    • It is, adventure is always exciting I think :)

  • Hope you are enjoying Munich so far! I’m not living thaaat close but went there to school for two years and it’s such a nice City :)

    Lisa | Joy Della Vita Travelblog

    • Ahh I love it! So happy here, you’re so lucky as well that you got to live here for a bit :) Which school did you attend? (nosy Julia, sorry! :D)

      • hyyperlic

        I went to “Berufsschule für Medienberufe” near the OEZ/Olympia Park :)
        Nice you’re back! 😉

        • Ah I know that place! I’m studying Kommunikationswissenschaften so it’s kind of similar :)

  • JoAnna

    Congratulations! Munich is a fantastic city! One of our former foreign exchange students lives in Munich, and I’m sure she’d be willing to show you around. I’d be happy to put you two in touch.

    • Thanks Joanna! Yes yes yes that would be amazing!! I know absolutely nobody there! 😀

  • congrats to you, Munich is such a great city, you will meet new people and have new experiences :)

    • Thank you Katalina! I’m pretty excited :)

  • I visited Munich some years ago and it was a great experience. have fun. ciao gloria


    • I’m so excited to see it myself! I’ve never been :)

  • Tracy

    This sounds absolutely amazing! Good luck on your new adventure!

    • Thank you Tracy!!

  • This is amazing, Julia! I see that you wrote this post 9 days ago so this means that in 2 days you will be moving to München? I wish you all the best! I can’t wait to read about your adventure in Deutschland!
    Iulia xo

    • Yes, typing this response from the airport!! Thank you so much :)

  • Brianna Degaston

    Your style is phenomenal! Your pictures are high quality and I love reading what you have to say! Have a great weekend! xo



  • Vivien N

    Wow congrats to you I think you will going to love Münich. Can’t wait to read your experiences :)


  • Au Pair year what is the meaning of this line?

    • It’s a year abroad, usually taken by girls, in which you work as a part-time child caretaker in exchange for board and an allowance!

  • Stephanie Smolders

    Well that sounds amazing! Really cool. I’m from Belgium and I’ve never been in Munich. I’ve been in other German cities so maybe I’ll end up in Munich some day. I’m wishing you all the fun you can have!



    • Thank you Stephanie!! I’d love to visit Belgium within the next year as well, we’re neighbors after all so I really don’t have an excuse :)

  • so exciting! I was an English Lit major – wishing you the best! :) good luck on the move!

    • I’m so excited! Thank you Carolyn :)

  • How exciting! What a wonderful opportunity! Hope you enjoy uni in Munich! :) Good luck with everything!

    Gemma x

  • Good luck with the move!
    I have not been Munich yet but would love to. If you ever want to meet up let me know :) 😉

    Marlies aka Magnificent Escape

    • Hey girl! Will do, let me know if you are ever in town !!

  • Dara

    Congrats on the move! That’s such an exciting new chapter to begin! Best of luck! PS. we’re layout twins!


    • Thank you! And yay for being layout twins, the theme is such a beautiful and diverse one :)

  • Paisley

    Wow, that will be an exciting adventure!! I’ve never been to Munich, but my sister lived in Germany for a bit and really liked it. I’d love to visit Berlin someday!


    • Berlin is amazing! I’m sure you’d love it. One of my European favorites :)

  • OH. MY. GOD. Can I be you?? Munich is one of my favourite cities!! I go to school in St Andrews in Scotland and can promise that moving to go to school abroad isn’t thaaat scary (but you know that from PARIS). I can’t wait to hear all about it :)
    Also, I’ll be in Berlin in October, hmu haha.
    xx, Pia

    • Ahh I’m so glad to hear that!! I’ve been a bit nervous and everything good I hear about Munich is like a small sigh of relief :)

      Definitely though for October if we could work something out?!

      • That’d be so fun! If you find yourself planing a trip to Berlin, let me know!
        (or to Scotland haha)