Team Spirit


While I’m quite sad I couldn’t be in Germany for this game, I was fine with applying some face paint and getting up a bit earlier than usual. Two years ago I was in Germany for a soccer game, and the energy was completely contagious, unlike anything I had ever seen in Los Angeles before.

So, this morning my two nationalities (German and US) played against each other, and, I’m sorry to say to you Americans, I decided to root for Germany. AND WE WON!!!! So, thankfully there will be a next game, and this time I’ll be ready, in Germany :) Wir haben es geschafft!!

So, which team are you rooting for?


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  • Germany’s been one of my favorites but since my country (Colombia) made it again to the World Cup after 16 years, I’m supporting both! 😉

    • Julia

      Yay for both, so glad that your team made it in!! :)

  • Dylana

    Super lovely blog!


  • I love how sport fashion has permeated into everyday. Go Germany!

  • Karolayn Rodriguez

    I am going for Germany too! (My country didn’t make it to the world cup)