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  • lentil red beet and feta salad

    Lentil, Red Beet & Feta Salad

    Hello you all, today I’m back with a new recipe. Like the last recipe I shared with you guys, the emphasis on this one is once again inexpensive ingredients, easy and quick…

  • Easy Quinoa Salad

    Cooking in College: Easy Quinoa Salad

    I remember when I first moved out after high school, I was thrilled to begin culinary life on my own: picking what goes in my fridge, creating meals that I want to eat. However,…

  • rp_14329791097_2b3e689a59_o.jpg

    Homemade Acai Bowl

    Hello my lovely readers! Today I come to you with a recipe that has become my new staple breakfast: the Acai bowl! After trying my first one a few weeks ago at…

  • rp_14433680086_6ff8577ea4_o.jpg

    Delicious and Simple Sugar Cookies

    Hello my lovely readers! Today I wanted to show you this amazing cookies I made. While the last recipe I posted was on the healthier side, this time I adapted a recipe…

  • rp_14195452985_484ce9ebe6_c.jpg

    Easy Gluten Free Cookies

    Hello my lovely readers! Today’s post is focused around a recipe that I tried out earlier this week. Fun fact about me: I’ve been gluten free for about 5 months now! In…