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  • Easy Quinoa Salad

    Cooking in College: Easy Quinoa Salad

    I remember when I first moved out after high school, I was thrilled to begin culinary life on my own: picking what goes in my fridge, creating meals that I want to eat. However,…

  • My Inflight Beauty Tips
    Beauty, Travel

    My Inflight Beauty Tips

    Today I wanted to share with you guys the little things I swear by on long flights (actually any flight) to keep myself looking fresh upon landing. Taking care of your skin and…

  • my paris apartment

    My Paris Apartment

    I’m quite a nosy person. I’ll flip through somebody’s books, pick up their picture frames, and love peeking into their closets (and let’s be real, fridges as well). For this reason, I…

  • 20 random facts about me

    25 Random Facts About Me

    Hey you guys! I thought I’d do a little “get to know the blogger” post today. I always love reading these about other bloggers, and I hope you enjoy the 25 random…

  • large-2

    10 Reasons To Take A Gap Year

    I wanted to use today’s post to discuss something that has come up surprisingly little on my blog: taking a gap year. I’m about 7 months into mine (ahh!!), and let me…