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  • visiting versailles

    Visiting Versailles

    Not gonna lie, during this entire day the song Royals was going through my head on repeat. I finally got my lazy butt out to Versailles a few weeks ago when German…

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    Exploring St. Martin

    When the sun comes out in Paris, people come out as well to soak it up. A few weeks ago I picked Canal St. Martin (an area I don’t know well at…

  • tips for learning a new language

    My Tips For Learning A New Language

    Hello all! Sorry for the silence this past week, life has been so busy! That being said though, I am now sitting in my Laverie, and seeing that my two most popular…

  • IMG_6763

    Jardin Des Plantes

    This post is starting off on a very happy note because not only did I have a better Easter (Three Day) Weekend than I could have ever imagined during my first year away from…

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    What Not To Pack For Paris

    Hello all! I’ve been in quite a good mood all day despite battling a cold, and am super excited to share this post with you guys. I became inspired after having received this question from…