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  • cafe soda

    Brunch in Munich: Cafe Soda

    Happy Sunday my readers! Today’s post is quite a spontaneous one. As of late me and my group of friends have started going brunching together after nights out, and this morning was one…

  • The Best Cafes In Munich

    The Best Cafes In Munich

    Hello all! Yes, I know that once again it has been so long, much much too long. So much has happened, so many adventures I can’t wait to share with you all here.…

  • photo-1

    Best Cafes In Paris (Paris Guide #2)

    Sitting in a Parisian Cafe is truly a magical experience. Book in hand, you read a few pages while occasionally glancing up to watch the people go by. Your drink of choice, whether…

  • german foods you have to eat

    25 Foods You Have To Eat In Germany

    With my departure from Paris for a summer holiday in Germany being only a couple of days away, I thought that I’d whip up a post of all things delicious in my favorite country. German cuisine…

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    Homemade Acai Bowl

    Hello my lovely readers! Today I come to you with a recipe that has become my new staple breakfast: the Acai bowl! After trying my first one a few weeks ago at…