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  • 20 random facts about me

    25 Random Facts About Me

    Hey you guys! I thought I’d do a little “get to know the blogger” post today. I always love reading these about other bloggers, and I hope you enjoy the 25 random…

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    The Kodaline Concert

    My blog is a place where I share with you the experiences I love and want to hold on to forever, so of course I have to share with you guys the amazing…

  • rp_14965665514_3da5a5ef30_o.jpg

    Songs For Autumn

    Autumn is here, and with that I’d like to publish my second playlist here on ExploresMore (find my playlist from summer here). While I feel like people would typically listen to more…

  • rp_14729551411_473d64f47f_o.jpg

    Songs For Summer

    Hello my lovely readers! Today I wanted to present you with something that’s first of a kind on ExploresMore: a playlist! For me, a summer is defined by many things, including great…

  • rp_14313764590_f9538c3e82_o.jpg

    Fashion In Film: Not Fade Away

    Ever since writing my last Fashion In Film post on Ginger and Rosa, I have been searching for another movie whose fashion inspired me just as much. Last night I finally found it,…

  • rp_14327232320_dc869d5b22_o.jpg

    Team Spirit

    While I’m quite sad I couldn’t be in Germany for this game, I was fine with applying some face paint and getting up a bit earlier than usual. Two years ago I…