Songs For Autumn

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Autumn is here, and with that I’d like to publish my second playlist here on ExploresMore (find my playlist from summer here). While I feel like people would typically listen to more mellow songs as the climate becomes colder, for me autumn has been mainly filled with fast and upbeat sounds. Whether I’m sitting on the metro at 8AM going to school, or jogging in the afternoon, these songs are what have been motivating me and getting me through. They especially inspire me and help me stay awake when exhaustion strikes!! From mainstream to old school to French, I think that there’s at least one song here for everybody, and encourage you to give the playlist a try. That being said, enjoy the music, Spotify is embedded below!

What have your favorite songs been as of late? Please comment below, I am always looking for something new to listen to!


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  • Love the playlists!!

    • Julia

      Thank you! :)