Rue de Levis – Paris Guide #1

Today I am so thrilled to share with you all my first official Paris Guide. These have been a full year in the making, and only now do I feel satisfied with the amount of research I have amassed. These guides show you my final city picks, and only include the places and things I truly love. This first one lies close to my heart because it’s about a special street in my very own little Parisian neighborhood, the 17th arrondissement. I’ve gotten to know Rue de Levis incredibly well this past half year, and, ask anyone, am constantly gushing about my love of this street (seriously, I can’t even be modest when it comes down to Levis). Today I’ll be telling you what makes this street so special, and what you cannot miss while spending an afternoon exploring it.

What Makes Rue de Levis So Special?

Rue de Levis is its own little city within the city. It’s a market street meaning it’s made for pedestrians; you’ll see very little cars driving through. The energy is unlike any other area I’ve seen. Completely free of tourists, the street is always bustling, with residents of the area buying fresh produce from the street market, or picking up a still warm baguette from one of the three bakeries on the street. In addition to unique boutiques, you also find your chains here, from a Sephora to a Promod. A huge Monoprix is perfect for picking up a picnic to eat in Parc Monceau, and you have several cafés/restaurants to chose from as you make your way down. This guide will be focusing on the little shops and markets that make the street special rather than the chains, and I hope that you end up visiting them during your visit.


The Shop: A beautiful boutique. Run by a very friendly and helpful woman, The Shop sells a curated selection of clothing and accessories. My favorites are the bright coats and the handbags that offer a pop of color.

À Fleur de Peau: This store is truly one of a kind: it sells only hand-sewn in Paris leather goods. My favorites are the classic leather jackets. You’ll even meet the business owner, who loves explaining to her customers exactly how much care and effort she puts into her handmade pieces. A unique Paris souvenir, and no one will have anything else like it.

Famille Mary: Warning: don’t go in if you are hungry! This store only sells honey based products, from honey in 20+ different flavors (my favorites were the thyme honey and the lemon honey) to honey based homeopathic supplements. You can sample your way through the shop, and, once again, a lovely woman working there.

La Villa: This is slightly past Rue de Levis, but I thought I should include it anyways, seeing it’s well worth a stop. Maybe it’s just me, but I just love day dreaming about furnishing my first empty apartment next year and sniffing all the candles.

Le Temps de Livres: The book worm in me had to include this lovely book store. This French book store has a beautiful selection of art and design books, and also sells gorgeous notebooks and home decor. Perfect place to get lost in for a little bit on a rainy day.


Le Dome: My favorite café in Paris, hands down. I love nothing more than gathering here with friends after a day of work under the warm fairy lights, sipping on my beloved Chili Chardonnay. Its location makes it prime for people watching, and if you’re feeling hungry the Black Shrimp (served with a spinach salad) is to die for.

Le Village Cafe: Hands down one of the best burgers I have had in Paris. Order the Blue Cheese burger, enjoy the typical packed Parisian terrace environment, and savor every last bite.

3 Pièces Cuisine: Found on the adjacent Rue des Dames, 3 Pièces Cuisine was too close (and too beloved) not to include. This place is a student bar, offering a great beer selection and inexpensive (but yummy) food. I’m a fan of grabbing a beer and enjoying it with the salmon pasta or the cheeseburger. Set up to resemble a huge living room, the packed atmosphere in the evening will make you feel right at home.

Un Air de Famille: This is the restaurant you go to with your family is they are ever in town. Offering a 26 Euro three course menu, you can’t go wrong. Typical French cuisine, I started with snails, moved on to duck, and finished with a warm berry crumble.

Boulangerie de Tradition: If you are ever planning a picnic or want to grab a lunch to go, you must go and try Tradition’s “Baguette Tradition”. You’ll never want to eat any other bread again. Highly recommended from me is also the “sandwich Italien” and the “pain au chocolat”. Extremely low prices, and this is the only place I (and the rest of the street) buys their bread.

Bistro D’Id: This place both serves a killer cafe creme and a drool-worthy dinner. Start off your meal with a round of Kir, and continue by ordering the typical French entrecôte. Recommend to me by my French neighbor as a place with good and relatively inexpensive French cuisine, it did not disappoint.

Tominaga Sushi: This has become the new favorite of me and a close friend of mine here. Once Twice a week a we go and load up on sushi for about 10 Euros, and then go enjoy the feast at the nearby Parc Monceau. Plus, leftovers for the next day. :)


Jeff de Bruges: Jeff de Bruges is a triple threat, offering soft serve, regular cones, and a huge variety of chocolates. My favorites are their chocolate covered cherries and the mint chocolate chip ice cream. My Au Pair child also loves the vanilla soft serve!

Le Cacaotier: I could blow through my entire life saving in this chocolate shop. This chocolate is the creme de la creme. Be sure to get your hands on these following chocolate covered flavors: Ciréva (lemon zest), Farinelli (salted caramel), M.C. (lemon curd), Saint Barth (caramalized banana) and Speculoos (ginger spices, think Trader Joes’ Cookie Butter).

Amorino: We all know how big of a fan I am of Amorino, and lucky me, I moved into a neighborhood with its very own. Currently obsessing with their summer flavors (basil mint and lime sorbet), but still adore the classics such as Stracciatella and Tiramisu.

Street Market

Fresh produce: You’ll find a huge range of fresh fruits and veg up and down the street. Go shopping at the end of the day, and the vendors will often give you special deals on their goods.

Leather goods: From the woman selling her handbags to the man who has a table of wallets and passport covers, these stalls are a great place to pick up a unique Paris souvenir.

Ready made food: This has saved me so many nights when I was much to lazy to cook. They offer a rotisserie chicken with baked potatoes for 4 Euros, or the Italian vendor down the street sells delicious cultural cuisine. Also a fan of the paella right at the beginning of the street.

Flowers: You guys have seen a million pictures of the Rue de Levis fleurs on my Instagram (case and point), but it’s for good reason! These blooms are just gorgeous, and found in abundance up and down the street. Levis Fleurs is my favorite because of the huge variety, but I also love the smaller stands found up and down the street.

How to Access Rue de Levis: Take the Metro to Villiers (Lines 2 &3). Take Exit one, and walk towards the traffic island with the carousel. Immediately you will see Le Dome to your left, and the street begins right around the corner.

I really hope that you all end up visiting Rue de Levis if you are ever in town. It’s a Parisian paradise, you won’t find a more typically French area in the whole city. Super central as well, it’s a great area to rent your Air BnB in.

Thank you so much for reading! I can’t wait to start publishing more and more of these guides, and really do hope they help out visiting “honorary” Parisians. :)




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