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While I know (or at least hope) that some of you are excitedly waiting for some more Amsterdam posts, I do have quite some editing to get through before more of those can get up. So, I hope that for today you enjoy this post about food in Paris! Yesterday some friends and I stumbled upon a real treasure after class: a lovely hip eatery located in the 10th Arrondissement called Holybelly. After discovering upon it one late night while researching cafes in Paris (now you know what I do in my free time), I couldn’t wait to go and try it out. It immediately reminded me of the eateries in Los Angeles that I miss so much; for some reason, the French are only starting to jump on the brunch bandwagon. Click through for more information, pictures, and general tidbits! Enjoy :)

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When we arrived (a group of 5) at 11:15, we were politely told that it would be a 25 minute wait. The cafe was packed to the brims, and soon even more people were lining up behind us. The time was spent chatting, enjoying the beautiful decor (just look at those tiles) and taking in the general atmosphere of the place. It was filled with foreigners, and I believe that most (if not all) of the staff wasn’t French as well. That meant: no one making you feel bad for not speaking perfect French!

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Before we knew it we were sitting at a table (large wooden ones, so perfect if you are brunching with a larger group of friends) and getting our drink orders taken. I ordered a chai tea latte, something I had been planning on doing since I looked up their seasonal menu on the website. I miss my chai tea so much, it’s so rare to find in Paris! It was delicious; they did not go easy on the nutmeg, something that I personally love in my lattes. At 4 Euros, it was definitely a treat, but well worth it in my opinion.

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I ordered two poached eggs, mushrooms sautéed in thyme and bacon. They came with the most delicious bread I’ve had in a while, perfect for soaking up the egg yoke with. The poached eggs were a dream, the perfect amount of salty. The bacon tasted like home, and the mushrooms a wonderful side as well. For 12.50 Euros, I was so pleased with this food. Truly a great deal in Paris, and quality was not compromised in the slightest.

So, long story short, I highly recommend this place to you, whether you live here or just ever find yourself in town for a couple of days. Staff is cheery and kind (so refreshing in this city), food is yummy, and it’s impeccably decorated from the lights on the ceiling to the bathroom sink. I’m a fan, and cannot wait to come back! And the best part is the menu is seasonal, meaning there are new things to try all year long.

Also, sorry for the iPhone photos! I was not expecting to blog about this place, but after seeing how great it was I just couldn’t resist sharing. Thursday has officially been made to brunch day, so stay tuned for another post next week with higher quality photos.

Do you have any Paris eateries to recommend? Please please please share below!



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