Next Stop: Amsterdam! (Need Tips!)


It’s official! After a brief stop-over in Germany this weekend, I am heading to the number one city on my bucket list: Amsterdam!! I am incredibly excited, and cannot wait to share the pictures with you. I already have so many post ideas, and I have not even left France yet! That being said, I am creating this post to ask you guys for something very important: what are your Amsterdam recommendations? In a city full of as much culture as Amsterdam, I am completely lost as to where to start. I would appreciate any tips, whether you live there, have visited, or have recently read something interesting about the city. If you have anything, please comment below!!

Also, I want to add that I will be traveling for a week without my laptop. That means that ExploresMore will remain silent for a week. No fear though, posting will return as soon as I’m back. And if you want, you can follow me on Instagram to keep up with the daily updates I’ll be posting there.

Thank you so much to anybody that comments anything below, I am eternally grateful. Here’s to the next two weeks: filled with travel, I wouldn’t want to have them any other way!



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  • Marie Liv

    Have fun! Take lots and lots of pictures!


    • Julia

      Will do, thanks for reading! :)

  • Gorgeous photo! Have a lovely time xx


    • Julia

      Thank you! :)

  • Karin Howell

    This is beautiful!




  • Chelsea-Kay Daniels

    Such a beautiful city! My only advice, stay away from the space cakes

    • Julia

      HAHA, will do :) 😀

  • How lucky are you! I’ve never been but I wish I can give you some tips! Enjoy your time there!

    Katherine Lou

    • Julia

      Thank you!

  • Elise Angelopulos

    Amsterdam is so lovely you will have an incredible time!! I definitely recommend you visit a “brown cafe” I wish I could remember the spot I ate at, but they are traditional simple cafes in the city center. Order a beer and a hearty meal- and try to sit outside and people watch if you can!

    Also, I took a free walking tour the first day I arrived- I found the pamphlet for it in my hotel and it was the best thing I could have done- it helped me navigate the city and learn about the history too!

    Make sure you rent a bike- definitely a cliche, but such a fun experience. I rented mine from Discount Bike (gah cant remember where it was), but it was definitely a highlight of the trip.

    Have a great visit!!


    • Julia

      Thanks for the awesome tips! I will for sure be taking a walking tour on the first day, it really does seem like the best way to get an overview of the city :)

  • I’ve never been to Amsterdam, so I guess we’ll have to wait around for YOUR tips. Enjoy your travels. :] // ☼ ☯

    • Julia

      I guess so!! Already excited to share :)

  • I’ve never been but it’s definitely on my bucket list as well! Have a great time!

    • Julia

      Thank you! 😀