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Most Instagrammable Walls in Los Angeles

I’m completely and utterly addicted to Instagram; I post daily and love sharing my life with you guys through the app. So, being home in Los Angeles this summer, it only made sense to get some photos at the city’s most famous backdrops. A friend and I looked up some photo spots, plotted them into a map, and spent a wonderful (but hot) afternoon snapping away. Below are our stops along the way (I put them on a map for you guys) plus the photos we took that day.

After some brief troubles that involved waiting for AAA in 90+ degree heat (let’s just say don’t trust me with car keys), my former high school classmate and current Manhattanite Erin (she also took all of these pics) ended up hitting up 5 walls. The days was so much fun, and I think that photographing in front of these backdrops (especially the solid colored ones) forces you to get creative. Not a bad way to spend a day, especially since we finished off the afternoon with some Starbucks.


We visited:

8025 Melrose Ave. – Home to the “Made in LA” wall. However, on Laurel Ave. (the cross street) we also ended up finding the blue striped wall a few photos up, and the white wall that’s the cover photo to this post. I loved the white wall, it provided lovely contrast and made me look tan (I need all the help I can get).

8204 Melrose Ave. – I know it’s simple, but this blue wall was an absolute dream for my blonde hair and light complexion. This one was a find along the way, but not to be missed.

8221 Melrose Ave. – That famous pink wall. We found out though: phones only, no DSLRs on the property. We snapped the shot above before we were told to put the camera away.

Other places I wanted to visited were the Angel Wings (140 S Orlando Ave.) and a wall of colorful triangles (1201 Abbot Kinney Blvd.). We ran out of time, but that’s what next time is for. :) I still put them in the map above for you guys though.

Now I want to know: does anybody have any other wall recs in LA? They seriously make for some awesome pictures!

Much love and thank you for reading, Julia

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