Image-1 (5)
{Cozy evenings at a friend’s apartment}

I want to start taking each Sunday night to appreciate and reflect on moments from the week before. These are small experiences that might not be completely “blog worthy”, but still contributed to making the past week the lovely experience it was. These posts will consist of simple iPhone snapshots, and pictures that you can find on my Instagram. Looking back now, I realize that there is so much I didn’t photograph. Isn’t it incredible how much can happen in a week? Feeling so thankful tonight.

photo 2 (4)
{Lights on my last night in Amsterdam}

photo 1 (2)
{Christmas at Galeries Lafayette}

photo 1 (3)
{Walking through markets on my way to class in the morning}

photo 4 (1)
{View walking home from the train station}

photo 3 (1)
{Trying on the craziest clothes we can find after class}

Image-1 (3)
{Red cups coming to Starbucks}

photo 2 (3)
{Walks along the Seine after class}

photo 3 (2)
{Dutch interiors}

Image-1 (2)
{Perfect Sunday with a wonderful friend}

photo 1 (4)
{Words to live by}

photo 2 (2)
{Hot chocolate after class at Le Pain Quotidien}

Image-1 (4)
{Exploring Jardin des Plantes}

Image-1 (6)
{Right now}

  • cheap Coronas and fries Saturday night at Cordonnerie
  • Musee L’Orangerie with a good friend
  • buying sunflower prints at the Jardin des Tuileries
  • dancing to French radio in a soft onesie
  • finishing second drafts of my college essays (hooray!)
  • cotton candy sunsets
  • getting in a good long Skype with my father
  • bowl of fresh fruit from my host mom
  • watching Interstellar
  • Tuesday night meetings at the creperie
  • lovely messages from old friends and new

When you count up all the little things, it really adds up. Happy Sunday my readers, here’s to the next week ahead!


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  • These are absolutely blog-worthy! Gorgeous snaps!

    • Julia

      Thank you! :)

  • AMAZING photos! Thanks for sharing this post with us. I completely agree with you-we need to appreciate every moment of our lives :)

    • Julia

      Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed it! And thanks for reading :)