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So, it has been quite a while, and for those of you who really do read my blog out there, I apologize. A lot of stuff has happened in the past two weeks; I have had both personal things go on, but have also just been so busy living and exploring. You see, I had come to the point where this blog had started to seem like more of a curse than a blessing. I started feeling like I was doing things for the blog, rather than using the blog to document and share my experiences with you all. Posting began feeling like a chore; I put pressure on myself to get out three posts a week, whether I had much to say or not. I’d check my stats daily, and not understand why some posts I cared so deeply about got no views, while “fluff” was getting all the clicks. And then after a very drama filled weekend a few weeks ago, I decided that it was time to step back, and focus on rewriting my real, offline life. And since making that decision, I have started to feel better about so many things, and am ready to come back now. However, this is a new start for ExploresMore. This blog will become something from me to you, nothing more, nothing less. That means that posting might not be as precisely regular, but whenever I do share something, it will be something I’m really passionate about, or really excited to show you. I want to stop focusing on page views, and more about creating an online space I’m truly proud of. I hope that this makes sense to you all. And one more thing: thank you so much to those who do read, and take the time to post real, meaningful comments. You mean the world to me! And that being said, here are some photos to show you what I did in my time away. Enjoy, and stay tuned for new things soon. xo Julia

FotorCreated4{Friendsgiving last week with some of my absolute favorite people in Paris}

{Sunday picnics in Bois du Boulogne}

{Paris Photo, 2014}

{Sweet tea and beautiful interiors at the Paris Mosque}

{Drinking tea on Paris rooftops}

{Pretty tiles at the Paris Museum of Immigration}

{Window views (friend’s apartment in the 16th // Victor Hugo House)}

{Mirror selfies at the Paris Mosque}

{Eiffel Tower close by day, far away by night}

{The most wonderful friends I could have ever asked for}

{Here they are again #jekiPR (Lunch in Le Marais // Thanksgiving feast shopping)}

{Funky Cafes in St. Germain}

{Marie Claire Craft Fair at Porte de Versailles last weekend}

{Finding Boba in Paris}

{Wine and cheese night with the girls}

{Grand Palais interiors during Paris Photo}

{Hiking with my family outside of Paris}

{Heavenly hot chocolate at Cafe de Flore}

{Chilling art at Paris Photo 2014}

{Red autumn around Paris}

{Paris immigration museum}

{Working hard or hardly working? Life isn’t always glam, French exam cramming}

{Maison de Victor Hugo}

{Searching for Dutch superstore HEMA after class}

{Street art and falafel in the Marais}

{It’s magical}

{Just because I was away from home didn’t mean no home cooked Thanksgiving dinner!}

{Selfies, mirror with my favorite Dutch girl edition, and Thanksgiving edition}

{Supermodel buried in sand at Paris Photo}


  • the most wonderful first Thanksgiving away from my family that I could have ever asked for
  • arrival of the cold in Paris (I’m still finding it romantic, give me two weeks)
  • going home to see my family and friends in 17 days
  • getting along better than ever with my French family
  • meeting new friends on nights out
  • Skyping with family and friends from home
  • beginning my Advent calendar
  • chats with wonderful friends
  • finally finding my place here
  • French Christmas markets
  • submitting college applications (for the second time!)
  • Christmas shopping

Thank you so much for reading, and talk to you all soon!



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