Mint Green Sweater


Hello my lovely readers! Once again, I am so sorry for how far behind I am with all of my posts, I’m doing my best to edit all of the photos and get them up!! Also, I have so much to share with you about Paris and life here, so stay tuned!! Currently I am enjoying a delicious glass of white wine with a brand new blogging friend next to me, the night is pretty good. :) Today was spent exploring Saint Germain, I’m starting French school there at the end of September! Paris is a dream, I’ve fallen hopelessly in love with this city. There’s simply nothing like it, and I can’t wait to start sharing details of my life here, once I get through the summer photos. So many post ideas, and so many things to share!! Anyways, enjoy this post! Finally a new OOTD post, taken at the Kappeln Bridge right after sundown.


This post reminds me of summer days in Northern Germany. Look how tan I was!! You might be wondering, why a sweater and jeans in the summer? Honestly, Germany was freezing cold this year. I only got a lot of use out of all the summer clothes I brought when I spent the two weeks in Spain. Scroll through for more photos (both outfit and the gorgeous scenery!), and to see where the outfit pieces are from. Enjoy :)




Sweater: Esprit — Jeans: Target — Boots: Vagabond
Watch: Swatch — Bag: Urban Outfitters








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